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Week 9 Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. lets go rookies and 2nd year players
  2. Game thread!

    It'd be cool if the Ravens can win on my birthday. No pressure guys.
  3. I have us losing. The titans are home and are too multi dimensional on offense. We struggle with teams like that.
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  4. You always have us losing
  5. That is pressure. Hopefully your birthdays isn’t disappointed by the Ravens. His old?

    Happy Birthday
  6. not always ..i had us winning vs chicago, browns and bengals.
  7. Didn’t you predict us winning 2 or 3 games?
  8. Thanks, I'm 18.

    I won't let a loss mess up my day, but a win sure would be nice.
  9. Have a great one.
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  10. I will!
  11. Happy birthday man!!! Welcome to freedom! Now dont get arrested lol
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  12. Boyle is one of the inactive today.
  13. That hurts. He was a really good run blocker for us last week. Maxx Williams will fill in. Hes active. We also only have 4 recievers today. Im worried about our offense now
  14. Really worried about the offense. Wallace, perriman, and flacco comming off concussions....please no stupid mistakes....what if they end up having symptoms mid game :brickwall:
  15. Ha! I'll try not to.
  16. Wow....so we got a nice contingent of Ravens fans in attendance (not my picture, found it on Twitter):

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  17. OK folks! Today is going to showcase to all of us who the Ravens really are! I am betting they're the same old smash mouth Ravens!
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  18. Looks like a home game
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