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Week 10 Bye @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 10, 2017.

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  1. We have a chance to win this game, but We have to feed Collins and Flacco has to audible out of this one read check down offense.
  2. Loss.
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  3. I predicted a loss in a pickem league!
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  4. That bye week is a scary mother.

  5. Side note: Haven't even heard this song before. But it's nickelback....
  6. I just asked Alexa to play it and she knew it. Love my echo
  7. This is the only way to beat the Bye:
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  8. I like how our defense matches up with BYE's offense.
  9. i dunno man - not one team has scored vs the bye all year
  10. The bye hasn't scored against a defense either, so...
  11. sounds like a clone of the ravens lol
  12. Maybe we'll have a chance!
  13. 0-0 tie sounds about right
  14. Nice, but if that’s in Baltimore, it better be a well heated pool, with lots of heaters around it this weekend.
  15. Hopefully Collins has his feet propped up on a beach somewhere.
  16. Or in a massager someplace
  17. pretty sure he spent this week teaching the good morning football lot how to river dance
  18. I think he should teach Marty how to dance his way out of town.
  19. knowing marty he'd end up going backwards for a yard
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