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The College Football Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Dom McRaven, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. I’m still very confused on why we fired Friedgen. He had just won ACC Coach of the Year. That would be like outright releasing Russell Wilson after winning NFC Offensive Player of the Year (yeah I know he didn’t last year, point still stands)
  2. Georgia's defense is going to be something, the only TD they scored was a Pick 6 while the only offensive score was a Field Goal. Yet they somehow managed to win 10-3 over Clemson. As I was watching the game clock tick under 10 minutes, Georgia was still passing the ball and my Ravens instincts kicked in and I'm wanting to yell at my TV for them not running the ball lol.

    Yeah I'm starting to wonder if it may be a down year for QBs in the draft next year. We've hit such a good run from 2017-2021 with great QBs coming out and it seems 2022 may end that streak. This is why I thought the Broncos, Falcons, and Panthers would regret not taking Justin Fields this year.
  3. honestly the eagles too - like how do you not do some advanced scouting and see this is gonna happen
  4. All of you Maryland fans, step right up and get your freshly baked L with this one.

  5. Gold star for trying but not quite [​IMG]

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  6. add matt corral to the list of QBs whose team is telling you what they really think of him by what they let him do on 3rd down lol

    much like JT Daniels and DJ Uiagulelei, Ole Miss are not opening it up for him on money downs
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  7. targeting is such a stupid rule - these guys shouldnt be getting disqualified for having their heads drop slightly

    i get it for flagrant stuff on defenceless guys but you're asking defenders to account for offensive guys changing the target area (as they should be allowed to) in a split second before impact

    it just feels like if you look hard enough you could call targeting on almost any play in college football

    the rule is broken and has been for a long time - these guys shouldnt be getting ejected for those types of plays
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  8. I really like Pitt QB Pickett. He's been playing a great game so far
  9. wtf is dan mullen doing with his QBs - had the starter throw 2 consecutive picks and kept him in the game (despite having a nice QB behind him)

    puts the young QB in to start the 4th quarter - has 2 straight positive runs and then unfurls a beautiful 40+ yd bomb and gets hit and has his helmet come off (which means he has to leave for a play) but rather than have him just step out for a play he leaves him out the rest of the drive and they turn it over on downs...

    why not let the young guy play - especially against these cupcakes - and especially when he's balling
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  10. I guess Jim sees what John is doing and is applying it to Michigan... successfully. Incredible night for Michigan RBs.

    Blake Corum:
    21 Carries
    171 Yards
    8.1 AVG

    Hassan Haskins:
    27 Carries
    155 Yards
    5.7 AVG
    1 TD
  11. The OBJ of Defense... D.J Graham.

  12. i love Gus Johnson lol

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