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End of year/playoffs thread

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by Ludy51, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. How did the year go for you? Did you make the playoffs? Are you helped or hurt by Gronks suspension?

    I myself snuck in with a 7-6 record after starting 6-2 because of injuries but hey! I'm in the dance!
  2. I started 0-4 due to an underperforming team, them finished 7-6 in the dynasty league to make it in.

    Finished 1st in a yahoo league at 10-3 with most points scored. I also had one of the most pts against.
  3. Am I done?
  4. Although you aren't in the playoffs you are in the consolation bracket. Nice last game of the regular season dog.
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  5. Keep on keepin on K-Dog! Finish strong! Won 3 of the last 5!
  6. Redraft league; up and down season, finished 8-5, somehow with the number two seed, first round bye. I was in a medicore division.

    Purple Flock dynasty; 9-4 with the number one seed and first round bye.

    NFL.com dynasty where i took over a two year team. Finished 5-8 despite being fourth in scoring.
  7. So I should still mind my roster.
  8. Yes, play it till the end my friend! I believe we have three games left? Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Regular season is over. This is the post season and everyone has a spot, to determine the final standings.
  9. If I'm not required to be there, I'm not there.
  10. lol i mean you dont HAVE to keep up with your roster
  11. Yeah I guess I am putting Jimmy on IR.
  12. I mean for this week, since I have a bye
  13. Oh yeah, same here. Put on your scouting cap.

    I'll also be writing up a wild card playoff preview tomorrow just to add to the great experience that is fantasy football.
  14. And draft position

    We also have to decide if we will be using ESPN next yr or moving our current teams to another application
  15. How is draft position determined?
  16. Final rankings, same as NFL.
  17. Do the non playoff teams get the first four picks? Is next year's draft a snake draft?
  18. I posted a new thread with a poll, and anything to do with season 2. Feel free to discuss!
  19. Yes, bottom ranked team overall gets pick #1.
    Not sure about the draft format, though.

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