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Purpleflock Dynasty Fantasy Football; Season 2

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Dec 5, 2017.


Where would you like to continue our fantasy league?

Poll closed Feb 5, 2018.
  1. Keep ESPN

    6 vote(s)
  2. NFL.com

    1 vote(s)
  3. Yahoo

    1 vote(s)
  4. Fantrax

    0 vote(s)
  5. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. As we head into the post season and everyone is still into football, it wouldn't a terrible time to think about our platform going forward.

    Personally, id rather stick it out at ESPN as I have found that you can actually do a rookie/FA draft next year. But if there are enough votes, I don't care to switch either.

    Also, if there's anything you want added, playoff scenarios switched, scoring altered, or anything else, bring them up for discussion!
  2. I voted we stay put. Works well, no need for another hassle next year.
  3. I voted we stay put too but honestly I do not know anything about the other platforms.
  4. Well if we can do rookie free agent drafts then I vote to stick with ESPN, even though I’ve heard a lot of great things about nfl.com and fantrax
  5. A couple of things I wanted to discuss.

    Everyone cool with five roster drops? That will be a total of 50 players going into the FA Pool which will give us a 5 round FA/rookie draft. I'd be cool with more, no less than 5 though. It'll be a nice refresh for teams.

    And are you all cool with the waiver process? My other dynasty gives like 140 auction points to last the entire season. You bid on players and highest bid gets the player. I'm indifferent about it, but just thought I'd bring it up in case anyone else has experience with that process.
  6. Sounds good
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  7. I'd do more than 5 rounds draft - let's do 7, like NFL, since we can draft FAs, too.
    This waiver process is fine. Lower you're in the standings, better chance of picking up a player you have. Evens out things a bit.
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  8. We'll all have to drop 7 players then unless I expand the rosters, but I think they're a good size now. So we'll all drop 7 in the offseason.

    Appreciate the feedback!
  9. Yep. Leaves 22 keepers, which is 2 more than last couple years.
  10. Is there a reason to have roster limits at certain positions, such as only 3 quarterbacks ?
  11. sure. I am fine with all that.
  12. That's just to limit teams from having like 5 QBs on their roster. 3 QBs per team is 30 of the 32 available starters. I can always add on or take away roster limitations.
  13. Are there any open spots in this for next season?
  14. If we let new teams come in they will be drafting from scratch. Every other team will be keeping 20 players from the current roster.
  15. Yeah the only spots would be if someone dropped or we expanded. And if that were the case, like Mania said, you'd be starting your roster from scratch. Drafting from next years rookies and the free agents after everyone releases 7 players.
  16. Fine with me I just want to play lol

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