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Week 14 Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Antionio Brown ...
    I hate him.
  2. why did we have brandon carr 1v1 on brown in a critical situation when brown's been creaming him all game
  3. Sign Britt and cut Maclin for being a quitter. Then hire a private investigator to investigate the officials bank accounts and emails and everything they could have to show they are biased toward certain teams.
  4. I think many of us have overrated our D this year. Yeah we have alot of turn overs but look at the competition we have played.
  5. the steelers ran the ball 15 times and passed the ball 59 times - we knew exactly what was coming virtually every single snap but in the 4th quarter we were swiss cheese
  6. fucksakes - i was so relaxed going into this game and even going into the 4th quarter - and then this happened...
  7. we were swiss cheese all game not just 4th. Why was carr left with AB alone and no help Pees needs to anwswer that.
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  8. The announcers trying to say Baltimore has an easy schedule remaining? Hah, did you watch the same defense?

    Pittsburgh is a team they actually play well against, up next are the Colts and later the Bengals. I'm beginning to really worry.
  9. I saw this happening. There is a terrible process this team goes through in drafting...it's called not getting a star OLB since suggs in 2003 and dumervil thanks to a fax fiaso.
  10. Tough loss guys! You'll kill the Colts next week though, keep your heads up.
  11. Hey great fucking job defense. Even more great fucking job Ozzie when you neglected the entire team to build the defense to keep this exact shit from happening.
  12. This game will prompt ozzie to draft D all over again.
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  13. Jimmy not on Antonio Brown was the difference maker.
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  14. btw, I'm calling out CJ mosely

    for being average and glittered with accolades that don't match his ability.
  15. Well they clearly need to find an answer to the Jimmy Smith problem, and they have to get a pass rush.
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  16. The pass rush NEVER convinced me all year. btw, they need to take their heads out of their asses ( the FO) and start getting the guy that they really want rather then waiting for the board to come to them

    tim williams looks ike a bust to me.
  17. wait why?
    he had a couple of nice rushes tonight?
    he's also a 3rd round rookie...
    he looks nothing like a bust to me
  18. Man...Pees and the defense let us down. They insisted on leaving Carr on an island with one of the greatest receivers in history. That’s completely careless and disrespectful. Did he really think Carr would stop him? At what point do you realize he’s being made a mockery of out there? I don’t put this on Carr at all, this goes directly to the head honcho who allowed the same guy to run Free, not even make contested tough catches.

    Please save us and fire this dude already at the end of the season
  19. CJ Mosely just called this game a morale boost... Did he miss the scoreboard? The D cant at like they just need 'a few adjustments ' that was atrocious.

    Don't talk about playoffs when you gave up 59 points in the last six quarters.
  20. especially in the 4th quarter - antonio brown has been doing this forever and especially the last few weeks - steelers need a fg to win they throw it up to brown who gets himself open for a 30+ yard chunk play - he's a cheat code and we left him 1v1 vs our slowest corner...
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