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Week 16 Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Dec 22, 2017.

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  1. exactly - my only gripe was the shit-eating grin that ZDS had - but the celebration was fine by me - Canady and Humphrey were the guys who went tearing off and had 2 of the better days on that defence (not a huge number to go around)
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  2. I sort of get what Sanders is saying but he's coming across as an absolute tool. He's constantly contradicting himself too.
  3. Good question... All of the playoff scenarios that I read leading up to this game did not list the Ravens as having a shot at clinching this week.

    I think Baltimore cannot clinch until week 17.
    I have to agree with you; Deion's logic was off.

    I tend to think that Baltimore doesn't really stand a chance against most of the AFC playoff teams, but I'm basing my argument on the fact that they lost 4 games against them this year.
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  4. Has Deion forgotten that he used to play for Baltimore?
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  5. Yes, but that was also the first half of the year. We are a completely different team now
  6. his head has also gotten to the size of barry bonds too.
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  7. I loved how Darrell Green always beat him in the fastest man race.
  8. I think they lost to the Steelers and Titans in the latter half of the season.

    Anyways... a win is a win. The Ravens don't look terribly impressive, but if they make it to the post-season, you never know what might happen.
  9. Not just him but LT as well. They simply don't believe we have what it takes as a team to make it far. If one is honest, its really hard to disagree with them. Look at how up and down we've been both on offense and defense. How doest that inconsistency give anybody confidence?
  10. Could say the same about the Chiefs though. The big difference is we could win one and lose the next whereas the Chiefs won a run of games but then lost a run of games.
  11. Ok, since the bye week. We may have lost to the Steelers, but we played a good game on offense. Lot of good came from that game, even with a loss.
  12. I just want to see a game where all 3 phases play well consistently in the same game please

  13. If you want to attribute it to the late CB then go ahead. To me? It's THE PLAYERS!

    It's starting to seem that no matter which teams the Ravens are up against, a consistent and fierce pass rush is consistently absent. Case and point....tonight's game against the 3-11 colts.
  14. I’m not sure either way I’m just thinking about things beyond just immediately going after the individual players given that many of the front 7 have flashed dominance at times in the past and even earlier this year

    But you are right that tonight the pass rush was conspicuously absent against an oline that was full of backups and was devoid of talent to begin with as a unit
  15. For 60 mins
  16. It’s been harder stopping the run since jimmy was injured a few weeks ago, due to how we are running the defense. I love the dime defense, but e have a tougher time against the run while in it.
  17. Well it seems like they're back to winning...
  18. What did Deion say?
  19. Okay the new jumbo screens are freaking amazing. Absolutely incredible.
  20. He didn’t give us a chance against KC, Pitt or the Jags. Totally dissed us.
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