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The Polar Bear Plunge


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Not sure if that is Special Olympics related. That said I will stick with the bay. I think that would be warmer in January than Lake Erie would be.
It's not, it's Hue's promise he intends to keep if, by some act of magic, they beat Steelers.

Just thought interesting to read about two different plunges on the same day.


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Honestly, he needs to jump in Lake Erie whether they win or not, because he was expecting not to lose 15 or more games this season. Btw, he might as well jump in the lake and swim to another destination, because he Dorsey may end up firing him.


Anybody else interested in donating ?

Just two weeks away and I am still off from my goal.


I doubt I will be that lucky.
Either way I think the water temperature is still going to be pretty low.