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2018 Forum Mock: Tender/Cuts

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Please post all cuts, ERFA re-signings, and RFA, Franchise Tag and Transition Tag tenders in this thread. No pertaining moves are considered valid unless posted within this thread. When posting, please use the following format:

    Position, Player, Stars saved (Or spent)


    WR Jeremy Maclin, 2.5 Stars

    The formula for savings is Cap Hit - Dead Money = Stars Saved. Round everything to the nearest 0.5 Stars.

    Please don't edit your posts. If you wish to make another move, use additional posts.

    IMPORTANT: Once posted here, update the SoF sheet and depth chart to reflect the cuts and tenders. This is essential for the game to function properly from a fiscal standpoint.

    An updated FA list will be available via Google Docs (Link)

    *No Discussions in This Thread*

    Franchise Tags:

    QB - 23.5 Stars
    RB - 12 Stars
    WR - 16 Stars
    TE - 10 Stars
    OL - 14.5 Stars
    DT - 14 Stars
    DE - 17.5 Stars
    LB - 15 Stars
    CB - 15 Stars
    S - 11.5 Stars
    K/P - 5 Stars

    *Second consecutive year with franchise tag incurs a 20% increase from the previous season

    Transition Tags:

    QB - 20 Stars
    RB - 10 Stars
    WR - 13.5 Stars
    TE - 8.5 Stars
    OL - 12.5 Stars
    DT - 12 Stars
    DE - 15.5 Stars
    LB - 13 Stars
    CB - 13 Stars
    S - 10 Stars
    K/P - 4.5 Stars


    Place a tender on all your RFA you wish to keep. There are three levels of tenders available to every member. The tenders are:

    1st round = 4 Stars
    2nd round = 3 Stars
    Original Round = 2 Stars

    A specific time 24 hour time period will be scheduled for the entire RFA pool. Any team can bid on RFAs in this time period. All bids must be greater than that of the tender value. After the 24 hours have expired, the player's current team then can decide to match the contract, retaining the player at the bid amount. The team bidding for the player cannot counter the match.

    However, if the RFA bid is unmatched, the bidding team obtains the player at the bid amount. The bidding team also surrenders a draft selection of the same value as the tender placed on the player. The original draft selection will be

    If a former UDFA receives an original round tender, no additional compensation will be rewarded or lost should the contract be either matched or unmatched, respectively.

    Exclusive Rights Free Agents:

    ERFAs cost 0.5 Stars each and are uncontestable by other teams.
  2. The Baltimore Ravens tender all of their ERFAs at 0.5 stars each:

    WR Quincy Adeboyejo
    RB Alex Collins
    CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    TE Vince Mayle
    LB Patrick Onwuasor
    T Maurquice Shakir
    C Matt Skura
  3. The Oakland Raiders will tender the following ERFAs

    OLB, Shilique Calhoun, 0.5
    OLB, James Cowser. 0.5
    OG, Denver Kirkland 0.5
    CB, Erik Harris 0.5
    K, Giorgio Tavecchio 0.5
    DT, Demetrius Cherry 0.5
  4. Additionally, the Ravens will release:

    S Lardarius Webb (2 stars)
  5. The Tennessee Titans will tender the following ERFA

    CB/S Curtis Riley --- 0.5 stars

    The Titans will also place tenders on RFA

    OG Quinton Spain (2nd round tender) --- 3 stars
  6. Cleveland Browns are tendering following ERFAs (0.5 stars each):

    Josh Gordon, WR
    Chris Barker, G
    C.J. Smith, CB
    Kevin Hogan, QB
    Dan Vitale, FB
    Austin Reiter, C
  7. The Seattle Seahawks are tendering the following ERFAs (0.5 stars):

    Branden Jackson, DE
    Paul Dawson, ILB
    J.D. McKissic, RB
    Tyler Ott, LS
    Quinton Jefferson, DE
  8. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are tendering the following ERFAs:
    Peyton Barber, RB - 0.5 stars
    Javien Elliot, CB - 0.5 stars

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are tendering the following RFAs:
    Cameron Brate - 1st round - 4 stars
    Adam Humphries - Original Round - 2 stars

    The following players are being cut from our roster:
    Doug Martin, RB - 7 stars
    Chris Baker, DT - 5 stars

    Edit: Removed RFA tenders
    Edit again: Added RFA tenders
    #8 Charm City, Feb 22, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  9. The Miami Dolphins are tendering all ERFA's at .5 stars -
    Mike Hull - ILB
    Jordan Lucas - S
    Jake Brendel - C
  10. The Miami Dolphins are releasing DT Ndamukong Suh (26 stars) and using the June 1st Exemption to free up a whole lot of cap space.
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  11. Sike. The Miami Dolphins release Ndamukong Suh for 17 stars.

    (slightly upset)
  12. Steelers

    WR Trey Griffey + .5 stars

    CB Joe Haden - 7
    FS Mike Mitchell - 6.5
    FS J.J. Wilcox - 3
    DE Tyson Alualu - 3
    DB William Gay - 2
    P Jordan Berry - 2

    Franchise Tag:
    RB Le'Veon Bell + 12
  13. The Carolina Panthers will tender all of their ERFAs:

    Michael Palardy P/K
    Tyler Larsen C
    Chris Manhertz TE
    Damiere Byrd WR
    Dan France G
    Drew Iddings DE
  14. The New York Jets will tender 3 of their ERFA's
    Eric Tomlinson-TE
    Freddie Bishop-OLB
    Doug Middleton-SS

    Leaving Lawrence Thomas-DE, untendered
  15. Chicago Bears:

    -Daniel Brown, TE, 0.5 stars
    -Patrick Scales, LS, 0.5 stars

    -Josh Bellamy, WR, 1 star
    -Cameron Meredith, WR, 0.5 stars
    -Bryce Callahan, WR, 0.5 stars
    -John Timu, LB, 0.5 stars
  16. The Buffalo Bills will tender:

    ERFA: Lafayette Pitts, CB, 0.5 stars

    The Buffalo Bills will cut the following ERFAs:

    Logan Thomas, TE, 0.5
    Nick O'Leary, TE, 0.5
    Eddie Yarbrough, DE, 0.5
  17. The Giants tender all ERFAs:

    Ryan O'Malley - TE
    Adam Bisnowaty - T
    Robert Thomas - DT
    Jon Halapio - G
    Travis Rudolph - WR
  18. The Buffalo Bills will cut the following:

    1. Dean Marlowe, SS, 0.5
    2. LJ McCray, SS 0.5
    3. Aaron Green, OT, 0.5
    4. Adam Redmond, OG, 0.5
  19. The Baltimore Ravens make the following moves:

    QB Joe Flacco (saves 6 stars)

    Franchise Tag:
    C Ryan Jensen (14.5 stars)

    RB John Crockett (0.5 stars)
    OT Stephane Nembot (0.5 stars)
    C Brandon Kublanow (0.5 stars)
  20. There are no 1 and half star RFA tenders - 1st round is 4, 2nd is 3 and later rounds cost 2 stars.

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