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2018 Forum Mock: Free Agency (QB, RB and FB)

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. New York Giants will go into bid-off for QB Case Keenum
  2. New York Giants will go into bid-off for QB Sam Bradford
  3. The Ravens went clearance bin shopping and won these guys
  4. Cleveland Browns will go into bid-off for QB AJ McCarron vs Raiders
  5. you forgot we don't do that until 15 min has passed?
  6. You won't have to. You're the winning bid, so whomever has the FF rights will need to decide whether they want to challenge.
  7. @RavensMania and you should send me the bidoffs
  8. Winnar! @RavensMania I think one of Vereen or Charles should not have been invalidated
  9. My mistake
  10. Winner
  11. The Cleveland Browns have won RB Isiah Crowell for 3.5 stars!
  12. I've done some digging, and the situation might be more complex than we thought due to an inadvertent turn of events. RavensMania will contact you shortly to explain the situation.
  13. The San Francisco 49ers will go into bid-off for QB Mike Glennon vs New Orleans Saints
  14. Correction:
    @Giants56Ravens52 Shane Vereen bid for 0.5 stars was originally marked invalid and he is valid.
  15. Less than a handful of Stars against your 77 Stars. He's yours for the taking lol I know when I've been beaten.
  16. I thought @RavensMania had final 5 rights. Do I need to bid off if I have the last bid on him?

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