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2018 Forum Mock: Free Agency (LB)

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. you win nothing. You're going into a bidding war with someone with respectable amounts of cap :p
  2. @Simba
    The Broncos want to bid off on Christian Jones.
  3. I get home team rights and I'm bidding off
  4. If you will be bidding off Please send bids to @Truth and myself
  5. I have more...
  6. Winner
  7. Final five rights...

    I want to challenge for Bradham since I cannot freeze out
  8. Send it in then. I’ll send to Truth.
  9. If the next post came at 1:00 PM, I'd argue these came before...
    (1PM is over here)
  10. i guess i request a bid off on williamson then with home team rights
  11. You send your bid in yet? If not, mine is headed to @RavensMania
  12. Winner

  13. Anybid that came in after 7pm is invalid
  14. I sent mine to Ravensmania too.
  15. i guess that's me - am i sending it to truth or mania?
  16. These bids are invalid. They came in after 7:00pm
  17. yes
  18. Cleveland Browns
    LB Preston Brown
    6 stars

    Welcome to Dawg Pound

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