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2018 Forum Mock: Free Agency (OL)

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. The Oakland Raiders
    OG Dakota Dozier
    0.5 stars

    The Oakland Raiders
    OC Spencer Long
    0.5 stars
  2. closed
  3. Send bid offs to @Truth and myself.
  4. The Seattle Seahawks will be bidding off for Josh Kline
  5. Winner

    Requesting bid-off for Chris Hubbard
  6. as will the tennessee titans
  7. Jacksonville Winners (for now)
  8. tennessee titans requesting a bid off for jack mewhort
  9. If you have final five rights and would like to bidoff please send your bids to @Truth or myself. Home team can bid off also.
  10. The Oakland Raiders welcome OG Dakota Dozier 0.5 stars and T Austin Pasztor 3.5 stars
  11. Winner
  12. The Ravens finally spent more than 0.5 stars on a player in FA!
  13. You absolutely should. We actually caught that just moments ago. Feel free to PM me your bid.
  14. Do the others get a chance to rebid since I know the winning bid? They should.
  15. Yes. The winner of the other two teams will have the chance to do so. We figure that the third can dropped since he couldn't beat out the winner between them two. Pardon the blunder.
    #135 Truth, Mar 13, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2018
  16. No problems, I am glad the other team gets to rebid.
  17. Jack Mewhort is a Jet at 21 Stars! @Ludy51
  18. So the Jets get

    Jack Mewhort at 21 stars


    John Greco at 7 stars!
  19. The New Orleans Saints are bidding off against the Buffalo Bills (@Cowboysfan1) for C John Sullivan.
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  20. The New Orleans Saints are bidding off against the Buffalo Bills (@Cowboysfan1) for C Joe Berger.

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