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2018 Forum Mock: Free Agency (Edge)

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. lol, that's just wrong
  2. Haha I kinda felt like I stepped on some toes but I just followed the rules!

    Do I actually have to pay 2 stars for him tho since Lost backed out of the bidoff?
  3. Yep, add half a star on top of your highest bid
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  4. Overpay? Yeah. Much needed thought to help the run defense... And the interior rush..

    Bosa-Liuget-Ingram-McPhee... Secondary with Verrett, Hayward, Boston, Adahee, King....

    Have fun @RavensMania
  5. Joining the Bears front seven.
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