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Madden 18 Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by JO_75, May 12, 2017.

  1. The Madden Hype Train has pulled into the station. With it, it has come with some news regarding the game, a trailer for the game which if you don't know yet, EA switched Madden over to the Frost Bite Engine. They made FIFA 17 last year with Frost Bite, and now Madden gets it. Also the cover of Madden 18..........


    Before you jump for joy that Brady will be the next victim of the Madden curse. It was pointed out that the last time Brady was on the cover of a Football Game(NFL Gameday 2003), the Patriots went on to win back to back Super Bowls. Something they are looking to accomplish once again this year.
  2. So the curse could have a positive effect, or a negative effect.
  3. The difference in what a engine change can do. Heinz Field in Madden 18 with the new Frost Bite Engine........

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  4. Looks good.
  5. any in game pictures yet?
  6. We shall see Poe! It just might! :D
  7. Hopefully it works in our favor.
  8. Madden is a different beast though compared to any other curse out there. I don't think the curse has never been broken. The player or team that player was on suffered in some form that season.

    2 things working against Brady, the Madden Curse and what happened the last time the Pats opened the season against the Chiefs. Got knocked out by the Patriot Killer Benard Pollard.
  9. I'm definitely a casual/amateur Madden gamer who has no interest in playing Franchise Mode and only plays Quick Play or whatever it's called. However, I do play on All-Pro (no way could I ever play All-Madden).

    Either way, last night I was playing as the Bears against the Chiefs. With less than a minute in the 4th, I ended up driving down to their 1-yard line down 14-7. Despite having 2 TOs, I let the clock run to 10 seconds left on the GAME CLOCK. So what play did I run? You already know........the Fake FB Dive HB Sweep or something like that. Of course it was a TD (take notes Carroll). Down 14-13, I had to make an incredibly difficult decision and decided to go for 2. Fortunately, I converted and I win the game 15-14.

    Now why did I go for 2? Well this was my third attempt to beat the Chiefs with the Bears. Don't get me wrong, I love the Ravens, but I also enjoy playing with the first random team I get (has to be a team I don't hate). First attempt, I blew a 31-7 lead and lost 35-31 (Cutler and the o-line are BUMS lol) and the second attempt I lose in OT 19-16 after they blocked my GW FG and drove down for their GW FG. I say all of this to say that while Madden is a fun game to play, it can get VERY stressful rather quickly.
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  10. I don't really care about the graphics but I sure would love if they made a game where 180 pound corners didn't truck tight ends on the regular and where 95 overall offensive lineman actually play like All Pro's.
  11. In Madden 25, I had a secondary with everyone having ratings of 90 or above, and my defense still got torched. I've messed around with the settings and I can't get a realistic feeling defense. And my offense is too powerful, so I'm consistently 13-3 to 16-0, even with my secondary giving up points. It's so frustrating that I've stopped playing.

    And the draft prospects they have every year are rated funny. The speed, agility, and acceleration ratings are all skewed so that they all have to be drafted high to get relatively fast guys. And everyone else with moderate ratings are too slow. It pisses me off, because I have to draft a receiver in the 1st if I want someone with decent speed.

    Sorry for ranting, some aspects of the game just make me so frustrated. I don't know if they've fixed these in any of the newer games.
  12. Nothing's really changed
  13. I remember when I used to play, they used to have a my skill rating that was from 0-20 for ST, DEF, and OFF.

    My "my skill" rating was maxed out in all three and I would handily win (I played too much madden). However, if you put it on All-Madden (15's across the board), I had to literally blitz on every single play and run draws because the offensive lineman couldn't block for my players, the defensive players couldn't create pressure, my secondary (in prime Nnamdi and Revis) couldn't cover anyone.

    I wonder if they fixed this skill disparity.
  14. Even though I don't really like the gameplay, I really like building the rosters in the franchise mode.
  15. Have the more recent Madden versions fixed the problem where rookies always wear white sleeves?
  16. M18's game play is definitely different from M17's but I love the overall look of the game. Very nice.
  17. Running the ball feels so much better than last year
  18. If this translates to the real team, no reason why we can't be a 10-win team.
  19. running game took a bit of getting use to, the defense feels much better
  20. What the hell is up with the ratings in this game? They seem awfully low for alot of our players

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