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Article Lost in Translation's Final Mock Draft


Hall of Famer
So with us approaching the NFL draft. I initially had a full seven round mock Walterfootball style planned but since I have no such time and want to enjoy my time abroad.

So let’s kick this off..

I am stealing Rossi’s trade concept that gets us the second day two pick that the team desperately needs. This team actually has a major opportunity to become set on both sides of the ball if they play their cards right here. Let’s just say for the sake of continuity that we are picking at pick 27, and still have back to back picks in the second round.

Round One: Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State
Mike Geisicki is the most overrated prospect on this forum.. But he’s a borderline first round talent and we are the best fit for him humanly possible. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. He’s a Dennis Pitta clone, even down to his athleticism, which their combine numbers are very close to identical. He’s a tad taller and bigger, but he does everything about the same. Great possession guy, underrated after the catch, porous blocker though. Which is fine, both Boyle and Maxx are excellent in this regard. What better way to replace Pitta than with a practical clone of his?

Round Two: Tyrell Crosby, RT, Oregon

RT is the biggest need on this team right now. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The line is currently set with three starters I have some confidence in. Lewis was merely mediocre, but a definitive upgrade from Hurst. Yanda returning is a big boost even if he’s not an elite player anymore post injury(which is doubtful), and Stanley still remains one of the most promising young LTs in the game. Crosby comes in as a perfect scheme fit for us. He won’t succeed with every team, but he’s a day one starter on this team. Crosby comes in and provides Alex Collins with a mauler. Joe helps him develop into a promising tackle. And most importantly, Hurst moves to the bench.

Round Two(Trade): Billy Price, C, OSU

Since several people believe that Price is falling, I say we finish bolstering the line here. We do need another WR, and we will get to there pretty soon, but Price provides likely an instant upgrade at the C position and a potential pro bowler at that. Price is scheme versatile, which makes him perfect for Roman, and solidifies an online that could use all the help it could get.

Round Three: Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State

It kills me to draft a player from CSU, but Gallup is a pretty good prospect. He’s overrated on the forums like Gesicki but across the board there’s not much to hate. He’s not a stud, nor do I see him as a future elite player, but he could become a #1 WR. He’s a solid pick here. He’s more likely a #2 at the next level, but given that the team could all the help it could get, Gallup is a good choice here.

Round Four: Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa

Wadley is a stud. Make no mistake of it, do not confuse it. Pass protection be damned, he’s a weapon. We should use him. He’s an ideal complement to both Collins and Dixon and provides us with a weapon out of the backfield Flacco really hasn’t had since Rice was here. Dude is electric and a guy like him wouldn’t be a starter, but would indeed be a good contributor at the next level. Him falling to round four is laughable and we should take advantage of it.

Round Five: Kylie Fitts, Edge, Utah

Make fun of his name all you want. Fitts has potential. Very good athleticism with underrated moves. He needs work and projects to only be a situational edge player, but that is fine. You can never have too many pass rushers and Fitts only adds depth to the mix. Which is needed.

Round Six: Jordan Akins, TE, UCF

I will be the first person to tell you that this late in the draft I do not care about the age of Akins. He’s 26, but he can play. He may be a move TE only at this point in his career but that’s fine. We kicked Pitta out to the slot all the time and had Dickson also block, when he wasn’t great at it either. With this draft the oline should be fine. I think TE is a very underrated need and acquiring multiple would be ideal. This is a ravens pick through and through and one that could very well be a steal.

Round six: Tanner Lee, QB, Nebraska.

Generic backup QB pick that we are apparently desperate for.