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Week 6 Baltimore Ravens @ New York Giants


Ravens Ring of Honor
I would not pay Lamar anything close to fully guaranteed .
He was a complete embarrassment today .
Terrible decisions, poor throws (had Duvernay for a TD ) , bad hand off decisions .
A complete F grade !

Florida Raven Fan

Pro Bowler
Some of yall so damn hypocritical. Can't criticise Lamar but he's played like ass the past 3 games and now yall want to criticise him.
I mentioned that the FO messed up by not getting another wr when we lost our # 1and #3 of last year but yall wanted to jump on me.

And the coaching on this team also been ass. But no no one can criticise Harbaugh.


Hall of Famer
Lamar is in the worst slump of his career ever right now and it’s almost entirely his fault. He’s making awful decisions and awful throws consistently. If he can’t bounce back from it VERY soon he might end up the reason we miss the playoffs. Today shouldn’t have happened, Lamar has to be better, period, he’s asking for a whole goddamn lot to be putting up performances like he has the past few weeks


Hall of Famer
Yall are making me angry. How can anyone watch that game and say the Harbaugh is to blame? What the actual fuck?

This game was lost by Lamar and the entire defense


Ravens Ring of Honor
Lamar’s worst game of his career.

Ravens management would be wise to not pay him what he wants . He doesn’t deserve it.
That was worse than Flacco embarrassing play at QB in 4th quarter and at other times throughout the game.