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Announcement An Explanation

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock' started by supertolerator, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. supertolerator

    supertolerator Staff Member Administrator

    Hello everyone! I know many of you are probably confused with what has been going on these past two and a half weeks, and why the site has been offline for that long. I'll get right into that.

    Essentially, about two weeks ago, the datacenter in which the site was being hosted in, had planned for some scheduled maintenance. After that had completed, the server was not yet back up, and after countless attempts of contacting the IT guys, I was told that the drive in the server had failed. Unfortunately, they did not want to attempt to recover the data. Luckily, I had a semi-recent backup that was about a month old. Sadly, there was no backup of the home page, but that's alright, we can get that back online later. What matters most, is that all of you can post and enjoy the site once again.

    The reason why it took so long for the site to get back online, was that I had learned that the drive had failed approximately three days after it went offline for the first time. After that, it was a waiting game for a company with terrible support, to try to either recover the data or install a new drive. This was taking ages, and I was fed up with it. We switched to a different host, and this one is of higher quality, so we should not *fingers crossed* experience something like this again.

    I, as well as @purplepittabread88 apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, and for the fact that the site was offline for three of the four preseason games.

    We are working hard to get everything restored back to its original state, and hope that you will all understand.

    Something that would be of great help- if anyone experiences any kind of bugs while browsing the site, please report them to the feedback section, so that we can take care of them right away.

    Thank you all so much for understanding, we'll keep you updated.

    Go ravens!
  2. Deebo813

    Deebo813 Ravens Ring of Honor

    So we back
  3. JO_75

    JO_75 Ravens Ring of Honor

    At least we got this site back before the regular started. Sucks we lost about 2 months worth of data. I kept trying everything, different browsers on my phone, my computer, and on my new computer when I finally hooked it up.
  4. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    Yea we should be set by now and I’m really sorry we were doing everything we could to get it up. At first it looked liked everything to October would be lost but Atleast we didn’t get completely fucked by those guys. Losing offseason speculation (for the most part) is Atleast better than losing the game threads and the draft :/ sorry man
  5. I was wondering what was going on. Thanks!
  6. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    Major major changes are coming up and something like this won’t be happening again.
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  7. SepticeyePoe

    SepticeyePoe Ravens Ring of Honor

    It's nice to be back. I think I'm addicted to this place.
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  8. Somerset Ravens

    Somerset Ravens Pro Bowler

    Thanks for the explanation. I am glad the site is back!
  9. cobrajet

    cobrajet Ravens Ring of Honor

    I was getting really worried. I think I may have checked about a 1000x’s since it went down.
  10. allblackraven

    allblackraven Hall of Famer

    Got me worried there.
    Can you say "daily snapshot"?
  11. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    ANDDDDD we back like brastraps

    Sorry. Was watching voch Lombardi earlier
  12. Inqui

    Inqui Pro Bowler

    You can get your avatar back for less than the cost of a bag of almond M&Ms!
  13. ZonaRaven

    ZonaRaven Practice Squad

    Ain't no thang mang! I think I speak for most when I say I'd trade losing data for having the site back up in time for the regular season.
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  14. DeVito52

    DeVito52 Ravens Ring of Honor

    About damn time lol
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  15. Rav'n Maniac

    Rav'n Maniac Practice Squad

    Glad all you bitches are back.
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  16. cobrajet

    cobrajet Ravens Ring of Honor

    If you want to hear something really funny, I was actually starting to wonder to myself if purpleflock was up and running the whole time but for some reason my computer was just screwing with me....lol. My Steelers wife calls this site “purple power” and she actually noticed my symptoms of withdraw these last couple of weeks.[/QUOTE]
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  17. cobrajet

    cobrajet Ravens Ring of Honor

    Glad to hear it brother, I can’t go “cold turkey” like that again....lol....I had a bad fever and shakes for weeks.
  18. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    haha i was getting all het up not being able to share immediate hot takes on meaningless preseason snaps lol
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  19. Pats

    Pats Veteran

    I figured something of this nature was going on, stupid hosting site scumbags.
  20. Jacquouille

    Jacquouille Ravens Ring of Honor Supporter

    Figure this is the right time to thank you guys for all the effort you put in to let us lazy ass punk [profanity deleted] all day about Za'Darius Smith.

    Seriously though, you da MVP, great job guys!
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