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2023 Senior Bowl


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all the accepted invites so far

already seen one name on that list, Fabien Lovett, who's changed his mind and decided to go back to school for another year - so obviously the list is not final at all yet and names will be added more and more as we get further away from the end of the college football season (with the championship game on the 9th of January)... and more names likely to be taken from the other all-star games too

so far some pretty big names have accepted and said they'll be there...


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the edge group at the senior bowl looks pretty great so far

Tyree Wilson
Isaiah Foskey
Derick Hall
Byron Young
Zach Harrison
Andre Carter II
Will McDonald IV
Keion Wright
KJ Henry
and a bunch of other interesting guys too

and i wonder if Nolan Smith will turn up after georgia are finished up with their season also?