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2023 Forum Mock: Tenders, Cuts & Restructures Thread


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Please post all cuts, ERFA re-signings, and RFA, Franchise Tag and Transition Tag tenders in this thread. No pertaining moves are considered valid unless posted within this thread. When posting, please use the following format:

Position, Player, Stars saved (Or spent)


WR Jeremy Maclin, 2.5 Stars

The formula for savings is Cap Hit - Dead Money = Stars Saved. Round everything to the nearest 0.5 Stars.

Please don't edit your posts. If you wish to make another move, use additional posts.

IMPORTANT: Once posted here, update the SoF sheet and depth chart to reflect the cuts and tenders. This is essential for the game to function properly from a fiscal standpoint.

An updated FA list will be available via Google Docs (Link)

*No Discussions in This Thread*


Franchise Tag Costs
: (Non Exclusive)

QB - 32.5 Stars
RB - 10.0 Stars
WR - 19.5 Stars
TE - 11.5 Stars
OL - 18.0 Stars
DT - 19.0 Stars
DE - 19.0 Stars
LB - 21.0 Stars
CB - 18.0 Stars
S - 14.5 Stars
K/P - 5.5 Stars

Transition Tag Costs:

QB - 29.5 Stars
RB - 8.5 Stars
WR - 18.0 Stars
TE - 9.0 Stars
OL - 16.5 Stars
DT - 16.0 Stars
DE - 17.5 Stars
LB - 17.5 Stars
CB - 16.0 Stars
S - 12.0 Stars
K/P - 5.0 Stars

Players franchised for the second straight season cost 120% of the normal rate.

Other special franchise tag rules (i.e. Suh in 2015) will be implemented as well.

You can only use either the franchise tag or the transition tag. You cannot use both.

The tag does not become "guaranteed" until that position group's FA period has begun. If you trade/cut your tagged player before his position group in FA has begun, you can recoup full savings of the tag. If the player is moved after his position group in FA has begun, you only recoup half of your savings.

The transition tag functions akin to the NFL rules. Once tagged, the player will be placed into the RFA pool for other teams to potentially bid on. The RFA rules are explained below.

Restricted Free Agency

Place a tender on all your RFA you wish to keep. There are three levels of tenders available to every member. The tenders are:

§ 1st round = 6.0 Stars

§ 2nd round = 4.5 Stars

Original Round = 2.5 Stars

A specific time 24 hour time period will be scheduled for the entire RFA pool. Any team can bid on RFAs in this time period. All bids must be greater than that of the tender value. Within 24 hours following the end of the RFA bidding, the player's current team then can decide to match the contract, retaining the player at the bid amount. The team bidding for the player cannot counter the match.

However, if the RFA bid is unmatched, the bidding team obtains the player at the bid amount. The bidding team also surrenders a draft selection of the same value as the tender placed on the player. The original draft selection will be

If a former UDFA receives an original round tender, no additional compensation will be rewarded or lost should the contract be either matched or unmatched, respectively.

Exclusive Rights Free Agents

ERFAs cost 1.0 Stars each and are incontestable by other teams.

June 1st Exemption and Restructuring

Each team is allowed to make ONE CUT or TRADE in which only the base salary factored into the equation, ignoring the dead money. For example, cutting Ronnie Stanley normally would add cap due to dead money. However, using the June 1st exemption will recoup his entire base salary of $9.50 million, ignoring the dead cap, meaning that the savings would be 9.5 Stars instead of -.5 Stars. This can be applied retroactively to a a previous move.

An additional option will be added to serve in addition to the June 1st exemption. Teams will be allowed to implement ONE exemption and restructure their roster. The base salary of said contract will be reduced to 50% of its current value. However, there is a ceiling cap on savings. No restructure can incur savings over 30% of the cap hit of the player.

In order to qualify, the player must be in at least the second year of their current contract but not in their last. The player also cannot be on their rookie contract. After the calculation, please add the total saved into the "Restructure" field in the State of the Franchise (SoF).


Cam Newton's 2019 Base Salary - $16,200,000
Cam Newton's 2019 Cap Hit - $23,200,000

16,200,000 ÷ 2 = 8,100,000
23,200,000 x 0.3 = 6,960,000

The lowest figure prevails, and since the base salary savings exceeds the ceiling cap, the Panthers would $6,960,000, or 7 Stars.



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The Bengals will tender the following ERFAs at 1 star each:
TE Mitchell Wilcox
LB Clay Johnston
LS Cal Adomitis

The Bengals will non-tender the following:
LB Joe Bachie (RFA)
CB Jalen Davis (RFA)
CB Chris Lammons (RFA)
RB Elijah Holyfield (ERFA)

The Saints will tender the following ERFAs at 1 star each:
OL Calvin Throckmorton
LB Andrew Dowell
P Blake Gillikin

The Saints will non-tender the following:
WR Marquez Callaway (RFA)
TE Juwan Johnson (RFA)
DT Albert Huggins (RFA)
DT Malcolm Roach (RFA)
LB Chase Hansen (RFA)


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The Detroit Lions will tender the following ERFAs at 1 star each:
DE Benito Jones
DT Tommy Kraemer
TE Brock Wright
LS Scott Daly
LB Anthony Pittman

The Los Angels Rams will tender the following ERFAs at 1 star each
OLB Travin Howard
S Jake Gervase
DT Marquise Copeland
DT Mike Hoecht
QB Bryce Perkins
CB Shaun Jolly
LB Christian Rozeboom


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The Cincinnati Bengals restructure the contract of DE Trey Hendrickson

$15,488,235 x 30% = $4,646,471 = 4.5 stars
$9,800,000 / 2 = $4,900,000 = 5 stars
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The Chicago Bears restructure the contract of FS Eddie Jackson

$17,090,000 X 30% = $5,127,000 = 5 stars
$13,000,000 / 2 = $6,500,000 = 6.5 stars

Chicago Bears save 5 stars (the lower amount)
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The New York Jets restructure the contract of LG Laken Tomlinson

17,336,464 x 30% = 5,200,939 = 5 Stars
12,700,000 / 2 = 6,350,000 = 6.5 stars

The NYJ save 5 stars
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The Chicago Bears cut the following player:

Al-Quadin Muhammad - $4,464,704 - $500,000 = $3,964,704 (4 stars)
The Dallas Cowboys restructure QB Dak Prescott:
49,130,000 x 30% = 14,739,000 (14.5 stars)
31,000,000/2 = 15,500,000 (15.5 stars)

Dallas Cowboys save 14.5 stars


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The Baltimore Ravens have franchised tagged (non-exclusive) QB Lamar Jackson for 32.5 stars


Ravens Ring of Honor
The Baltimore Ravens restructure the contract of LT Ronnie Stanley
23668250*30%= 7 stars
12500000/2= 6.5 stars

The Ravens save 6.5 stars


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The Detroit Lions restructure the contract of Jared Goff
20,975,000 / 2 = 10.5 stars
30,975,000 * .30 = 9.5 stars

The Lions save 9.5 stars


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The Los Angeles Rams restructure the contract of Cooper Kupp
15,000,000 / 2 = 7.5 stars
27,800,000 * .30 = 8.5 stars

The Rams save 7.5 stars
The New England Patriots restructure the contract of TE Jonnus Smith

Base: 10,000,000 / 2 = 5 Stars
Cap Hit: 17,228,522 *.3 = 5 Stars

The Patriots save 5 Stars.


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Cardinals restructure the contract of WR DeAndre Hopkins

Base: 19,450,000 / 2 = 9,725,000 = 9.5 stars
Cap Hit: 30,750,000 * 0.3 = 9,225,000 = 9 stars

The Cardinals save 9 stars


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The Jets cut the following players:

Carl Lawson - DE - 15 Stars
Corey Davis - WR - 10 Stars

the Jets save 25 stars in total


Ravens Ring of Honor
The Chicago Bears will tender the following EFAs:

Josh Blackwell (1 star)
Dieter Eiselen (1 star)


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Dolphins restructure the contract of Tyreek Hill

Base: 16,000,000 / 2 = 8,000,000 = 8 stars
Cap Hit: 31,450,000 * 0.3 = 9,435,000 = 9.5 stars

The Dolphins save 8 stars
Carolina Panthers have restructured the contract of WR DJ Moore

Base: $19,965,000 / 2 = 10 stars
Cap Hit: $25,040,000 * 0.3 = 8 stars

Panthers save 8 stars