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2023 Forum Mock: Free Agency Phase 2 (7 Star Minimum)


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Free Agency will be completely revamped this year in an effort to better simulate real-life FA conditions. The goal of this revamped process is to encourage maximum bids early, while still enabling you to fill a hole at a position if the bidding on a premier player rises above what you're willing to pay.

With the exception of the above restricted free agency process, all other free agents will be available in the below rounds.

Phase 1: Bids 12 stars and above, must hold the high bid for 24 hours to win the player
Phase 2: Bids 7 stars and above, must hold the high bid for 12 hours to win the player
Phase 3: Bids 3 stars and above, must hold the high bid for 12 hours to win the player
Phase 4: Bids 1 star and above, must hold the high bid for 8 hours to win the player

All free agent periods will open at 7pm EST

In the new revamped free agency process, players will no longer be grouped by position. All players on the move tracker/free agent list document are eligible for bidding. There will be no set end time on the FA period. You simply have to hold the high bid for the allotted time mentioned above and you will win the player. Snipe bids, final five, etc. have all been removed from previous years.

Once the next round begins, no new players can be bid on in the previous round's thread. The previous round's thread will remain open only to conclude bidding on players that have not yet been held for the allotted time with no winner yet declared. Bids do not have to stay in the 7-12 star range for round 2, but must at least be a minimum of 7 to start. If a bidding war ensues and you wish to bid above 12 stars to sign a player, that is fine. The same rule applies to all successive rounds.

At the conclusion of the draft, there will be an additional period (Final Free Agency) where all players that remain unsigned are eligible. All bids, regardless of amount, will need to be held for 12 hours to win the player.

Bidding on Free Agents:

Given that the FM resets every season, all contracts are presented as one-year deals.

*You CANNOT bid on players without available cap space*

You must create cap space before placing the bid.
Should a team wish to bid on a player whom already has an active bid, they are required to search for the highest bid, quote it, and place a bid with a higher amount.

Additionally, player names must be spelled correctly, and the full teams names must be used. Failure to follow either of the guidelines will immediately nullify your bid.

General FA Rules:

Place ALL bids in the following format:

§ Team Name

§ Position / Free Agent Name

§ Bid (# of stars)


Baltimore Ravens

FS Tyrann Mathieu

15 Stars

NEW FOR 2023: Only 1 bid per post. Multiple bids in the same post will be invalidated.

Absolutely no discussions in the FA thread. Teams can bid any amount on any player but only in increments of 0.5 Stars, with the minimum bid being 1.0 star.

Editing posts is NOT permitted, and it carries a penalty. Any team caught with editing or deleting bids will be frozen from submitting new bids for 15 minutes. Deleting posts carries a similar penalty, a 15 minute sentence, but the penalty will be waved should the deleted post be resubmitted with the same monetary value.

Bid based only on what you wish to pay for the 2023 base salary (No signing bonuses, etc.).