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Article Week Four Preview: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers


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Geez he struggles one week against an elite receiver while coming off an ACL injury and everyone wants his head
Yeah seriously. All of my mock "our season is over" talk aside, Tavon Young had an extremely impressive rookie season. He has haters, for some reason, even though up to this point he has two bad career games, one of them coming from a lack of adjustment(we should always, ALWAYS be shadowing AJ Green, good thing is, looks like Don learned). The secondary is in good hands with him and Marlon leading the charge.

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Final Score Prediction:

This game has me incredibly uneasy due to the rise of Juju Smith-Schuster and how the Ravens defense was shredded the last time they faced a competent offense in Cincinnati. Right now, I am not sure the real Ravens have surfaced. They have won two games against inferior teams in the pouring rain, but were embarrassed on Thursday night against a division rival. Which team is going to show up?

The betting odds have the Pittsburgh Steelers winning this game by a field goal, a fair bet for a team that is at home. I am going to be following Vegas in this one.

Baltimore Ravens: 27, Pittsburgh Steelers: 30

1. The real Ravens haven't surfaced...
2. They won 2 games against inferior teams
3. They were embarrassed on Thursday night against the Bengals

#4 is my MAJOR issue with the Baltimore Ravens. And, it's also the MAIN reason that "Ï" don't trust or have confidence in them as a team (just yet) from week to week. I'm grateful when they win but I'm also just as surprised when they do!

Can they surprise me tonight? That's the question! I hope so!