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Draft a Franchise?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by 29BmoreBird22, May 14, 2017.

  1. So, as some of you may know from the previous board, we did a Draft a Franchise game.

    Would anyone be interested in starting one up here?
  2. I would be interested, depending on the time frame.
  3. What do you mean depending on the time frame?
  4. When it takes place and how long the game will go on for.
  5. So, we'd need 32 teams first (I'm sure we can easily recruit people) and we'd likely start immediately after.

    We give 12 hours per pick and go for 26 rounds, I believe. Then, there's an optional sign up after that to keep going.

    Usually, the game takes a few months and helps get us into the season.
  6. I might sit out this year and see how the game works. If you can't get enough players, then I'll fill in.
  7. It's extremely simple. Basically, draft a team. You'd enjoy it if we can get it up and running.
  8. I just don't want to commit and then have to drop out. I'll think about it a little more.
  9. Great idea. It looked cool. And I never played ff league before. But that was so freaking time consuming. Maybe There is some ways to cut down some of the time consuming details?
  10. Absolutely in, let's let the rules thread be posted first with signup.

    I think Truth may have copied the rules thread. Both he and I copied all the rules for the Forum mock, which is much more complicated.
  11. I'll go ahead and make a sign up thread if you can grab the rules thread.
    [doublepost=1494810714,1494810586][/doublepost]I'll have an admin edit the thread title later to be "Draft a Franchise Discussion" if we can get 32 posters in.
  12. This is not Forum Mock, it's a very simple game. Draft a player for 26 rounds and a coach. Add the player to your team board. That's it

    No offense, but you never should have gotten involved in the Forum mock last year.
  13. I wouldn't if I knew it was that involved and time consuming
  14. The thing is and according to my recollection, you haven't even tried to get seriously involved and never told us you don't want to play once you found out about the level of involvement FM requires. All that after you traded or released half of your team and missed half of free agency, so the person replacing you had no chance of actually enjoying the game.
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  15. You actually remember that? Seriously?
  16. Kinda hard to forget someone trolling a game REALLY hard.
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  17. That's why there is a rules thread. It showed how involved the game is. It is a bit easier now that Truth and I put together a google doc that did all thr math. Anyway, the past is the past and this game has no math.
  18. Trolling a game? Seriously? Lmao
  19. I know, crazy to think that was trolling.

    Needless to say, heavy discussion would need to go into you being considered for the game as it stands.
  20. First off who said I wanted to play? I wanted to get the game rolling to build the forum up. Then you are running your mouth without knowing what you are talking about. The dude that took over the game was having a blast with tons of draft picks.

    Now a question. What is the point of the game. Ok you put the team together then what. I know in fantasy league you count up points or credits. In your game I didn't see anybody post about adding up points ? So how do you win the game or league whatever?

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