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Week 13 Baltimore Ravens @ Atlanta Falcons

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todays inactives: Flacco, J.Hurst, Tony Jefferson, Tim Williams, Lasley, Ricard, Sieler
Yet another big game. Very exciting - to see what we can do with Lamar as he keeps being presented these incremental challenges in the context of must win games. My keys to the game:
  • Can we sufficiently limit a top flight offense on their own turf? We did that in Pittsburgh, but that seems like a lifetime ago.
  • Can Lamar avoid critical rookie mistakes while playing his first road game?
  • Will ATL defense see a marked improvement with the return of LB Jones and prevent us from being able to run at will?
  • If ATL focuses heavy on run D, can we effectively mix run/pass to exploit their approach, but still be at least somewhat effective on the ground?


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Do we think James Hurst will be back next week? Do we know at what position he was practicing this week?
A rare game that I get to watch on TV. Of course, only because the glory teams of NE and PIT are not on CBS in the 1PM slot.

God bless reddit streams, but watching OTA is so much better, simply because there is no delay and a more comfortable space for me to watch.
Lamar started his career with the Raiders and Bengals. Now it gets a little tougher with a road game in Atlanta. If he passes this test then it's the biggest test of his life in Arrowhead next week. I think and hope he can do it. If he at least wins 1 out of these next 2 that is huge for a playoff berth but I hope he wins them both.


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We needed Tim Williams for this game. God damn I hope he comes back next week with rested legs ready to go
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