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Video Game Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by Dom McRaven, May 18, 2017.

  1. For quite some time, I've wanted to create a thread dedicated to talk about ANYTHING video games related (favorite games, current games you play, upcoming games you're interested in, e3, etc.). Have at it, folks.
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn is easily one of the greatest games ever made and if you don't have a PS4, I feel sorry for you.
  3. I'm planning on getting a ps4, are there other games that you like?
    [doublepost=1495198288,1495198209][/doublepost]I'm intrigued by the new South Park game.
  4. KH 1.5 and 2.5 got remastered and comes with RE:CoM, RE:Coded, and Birth By Sleep, so that's an awesome five in one game for $50 if you like those type of games. FF12 and VII will be PS4 exclusives when they launch. 12 is going to be the international version from Japan, so this will be a never before played for Americans. If you like FF, X/X-2 HD is worth buying, too. Probably like $20 now.

    Not sure if The Last of Us is exclusive, but I never had a PS3, so I played it for the first time when I got my PS4. One of the best games I ever played. Mind-blowingly deep story with amazing character development. And it was a challenging game that really made you actually think on how to approach each and every in game situation. Uncharted was also made by the same company (Naughty Dog) and were some pretty good games. I would definitely say I enjoyed them and they were definitely challenging, but they're not up there with the best ever for me. Still quality games. You can probably get all four (1-3 are bundled together) for like $75 now.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider came out on XBOX1 first, but if you haven't played it, it's a really cool game. I loved the first and this one is right up there with it for me.

    If you like the tactics games (Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy tactics), Disgaea is a fun little game. It's a funny, anime like game that I could play endlessly for hours. It's an unusual game in that you can get to level 9999, deal millions of damage, have stats in the billions, etc. There's literally no limit to how high you can go with time.

    If you couldn't tell, I play mostly RPG's, so any of those that are halfway decent, I play.

    And since you mentioned SP, if you pre-order, you get the first game as a bundle with it. The first one is incredibly inappropriate and I imagine this will be the same. It's a really funny game from what I watched on it.

    If I had to pick three games (series included) that I'd say you need to pick up and play, I'd definitely say HZD, Tomb Raider, and The Last of Us. Those three will appeal to anyone and everyone.

    To this day, HZD is the only game that I ever completed 100% of all trophies for and got 100% in game completion for. I used to play that game for HOURS a day because it hooked me so fast. I couldn't play if I opened at work because I knew I'd just play until I worked.

    Really wish I had bought the collector's edition stuff (only game I have ever said that about), but I had never heard of Guerilla before and I didn't want it to be another No Man's Sky. This game blew me away.
  5. I loved the first SP game and I'm hoping the new one is just as good. The Last of Us is another game I've been meaning to play on the PS3. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out when I get home.
  6. I edited my post (which it doesn't appear you caught in your quote), but the top three games I could ever recommend are Tomb Raider, HZD, and TLoU
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  7. Other from the occasional Madden (refusing to play online), some of the games I'm currently play are as follows: Halo 5 (Warzone Firefight is SOOOOOOOO much fun), Forza 4, Forza 6, The Crew, and Need for Speed (2015).

    I'm really interested in Forza Horizon 3 (that Hot Wheels expansion though) and DiRT Rally. When I was younger, I would play certain Sonic the Hedgehog games like 1, 2, 3, Adventure 2 Battle, and Heroes. My interest has sparked yet again when it was revealed that you can customize your own hedgehog. That's LIT AF!

    I always look forward to e3 so I'm curious to see the Scorpio even though I'm happy with the One and could care less about 4K graphics.
  8. Naughty Dog is the only company that I will pre-order from because I am assured that all their games will be quality
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  9. I am on the PS4 heavy, I am currently playing Mass Effect, Smite, and Destiny (yes I know smh)

    Really looking forward to Destiny 2
  10. As a PS4 player, I do have to ask. Is the PS4 Pro worth it?
  11. Isn't it basically the Playstation version of the Project Scorpio or nah?
  12. I would say no if you have one. You can upgrade your hard drive.
  13. I would say no for now
  14. Are there any games you guys can recommend for the PS3?
  15. The Last of Us.
  16. Oh I'm definitely going to play it in the future. Right now, I'm playing the first Uncharted game, Assassin's Creed, and Flower.
  17. Never heard of Flower, but Uncharted is great.

    Assassin's Creed is pretty bad after one and two because the combat system is so horrible.
  18. Flower is made by the same people who made Journey and Abzu. The graphics and music are amazing.
  19. Never heard of either of those games, either...
  20. You should check them out. They're very visual and audio based

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