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my daughter is going to state competition.

Discussion in 'Flock Family' started by K-Dog, May 19, 2017.

  1. My Daughter plays saxophone in the school band.
    A few months ago she went to the regional competition for saxophone.

    She got a score of 1 which is perfect ( yes. stupid scoring I know. )
    That qualified her to go to state competition which is tomorrow.

    Her piece is "professional level" with a high difficulty rating. She has been practicing hard and I am super proud of her.

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  2. That's awesome, K-Dog. Congrats to her.
  3. That's pretty cool!
    Just out of curiosity, how did she figure out she wants to play saxophone? You don't see many girls / women do that.
  4. Congrats to your daughter. It is nice to hear something positive about a young person. Good luck to her in the state competition.
  5. Congats to your daughter along with you and your wife.
  6. Seriously. Why do my pics keep going away?
  7. If I click where it says IMG I can see it.
  8. She got a 1 !!!!
    Apparently getting a 1 at state level is super rare.
    SO PROUD of this kid.
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  9. Great stuff :) Such an awesome instrument to play. Many years ago (mid 90's as a 6th grader) I played the clarinet but my ceiling seemed limited in the music field.
  10. Just a random choice.
    Just thought it was cool.

    Her words.
  11. Awesome and with such an awesome instrument. Maybe Springsteen needs a new saxophonist in the E Street Band
  12. That's wonderful K-Dog. Congrats to her and your family!
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  13. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Thanks all.
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  15. When is the competition
  16. May 20th.
    It already happened.
    She got a 1.
    Superior rating.

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