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Way too early mock draft


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I was spending some time looking through prospects, especially for ones flying under the radar, so I figured I'd take a crack at looking at who might be available for us and good fits for our team.

Round 1: Cody Ford, G, Oklahoma


If Ford is on the board at our pick then we need to grab him. He's the mauler guard that our o-line has been missing since KO left. And he's incredibly athletic for a guy his size, able to pull and get to the next level. Also, we showed with Brown that we can polish maulers and get them to play at a high level. If we can polish Ford's mechanics, then hes potentially an all pro guard.

Round 3: Jamarius Way, WR, South Alabama


Speaking of guys that fly under the radar, Jamarius Way. He's a WR with the speed to challenge DBs deep, and the agility to cut inside. He excels at boxing out defenders and adjusting to the ball in the air. He's also a great redzone target. Imagine a thinner, faster Mark Andrews. The thing that really sets him apart and makes him the perfect pick for us, in my opinion, is his mentality towards the game. I came across this in an interview he did:
"It's my mindset out on the field," Way said. "If our quarterback is under pressure, all he has to do is he just has to throw it up to '3' and if it's in range, I'm going to be there. That's all there is to it."
"Jamarius always comes to practice with a positive attitude and leads the younger guys," redshirt freshman wide receiver Jalen Tolbert said. "He tells us to finish the play, to catch the ball and look it into the tuck, run full speed and make great plays because that's the type of stuff you need to be able to compete at this level. We are able to feed off of his attitude."
Source: https://usajaguars.com/news/2018/11/9/football-south-alabama-receiver-wants-to-go-all-the-way.aspx

Way won't be the flashiest pick, but he's a damn good football player, and that's what we're missing among our young WRs.

Round 4: Jalen Jelks, Edge, Oregon


Long, lanky, very quick edge rusher. Is coming off of a down year, but shows the natural traits and instincts you would want in a 3-4 OLB. He can be an instant replacement for ZDS and become the edge that we wanted Timmy Williams to be. Jekls and a decent FA pickup can give this defense the speed on the edge that it really needs.

Round 5: Bruce Anderson, RB, North Dakota State


Overall a great combination of elusiveness, vision, burst, and strength. He's a lot like Dixon when you see him play, but there is a difference, Bruce has more speed. He's more likely to make big plays, and will actually be on the field more often than what we've seen from Dixon.

Round 6 (from the Titans): Rob Rolle, S, Villanova


Great instincts and a knack for making big returns when he gets an int or rumble recovery. Coaches love him. He'll be a good special teamer with the possibility of competing for snaps at the other safety position (since I seriously hope we take advantage of the strong safety class in FA).

Round 6: Michael Walker, WR/KR, Boston College

First team all-ACC return specialist. Has had some electrifying moments with the ball in his hands. With field position being so important to the Ravens, getting a reliable returning capable of making big plays would be pretty useful.


Ravens Ring of Honor
Not as high on cody ford as I was. Beau from Wisconsoin is a far far superior player. Other than that, good draft.


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Not as high on cody ford as I was. Beau from Wisconsoin is a far far superior player. Other than that, good draft.
Although I haven’t watched Beaus tape, just that he comes from Wisconsin is good. Why aren’t you as high on Cody Ford.