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Article Unsung Hero Award

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock News' started by rossihunter2, Jan 29, 2019.


Who is the Ravens's Unsung Hero for 2018?

Poll closed May 29, 2019.
  1. Ozzie Newsome

  2. Brandon Carr

  3. Joe D'Allesandris

  4. Michael Pierce

  5. Nick Boyle

  1. Tricky category to create nominations for but we have a final list...
    I could see this going a few different ways but I'd say there's a clear favourite who I think this board will vote for but I guess we'll see.

  2. Oz gets my vote. He drafted three pivotal players this year in Lamar, Andrews, and Brown (Hurst and Averett also contributed in lesser roles, but will likely contribute much more in future years). Trading back into the 1st round to take Lamar, likely our franchise QB for the foreseeable future, turned out to save our season when almost all hope was lost. Not a bad way to end his career as one of the best GMs to ever do it. In Ozzie We Trust.
  3. Ozzie has had some really quality offseasons after we were circling the drain in 2015, he added guys like Brandon Carr who was one of our top defenders, he found guys like pierce and judon, he believed in guys like Andrews, Zeus, lamar, Dixon, Humphrey, etc. and it’s all panning out very well.

    Ozzie is the unsung hero forever
  4. Ozzie cant be the unsung hero for the same reason that Pierce cannot and that is that people have been singing there praise all year and in Ozzie's case the past 20. EVERYONE accepts that Ozzie is one of the best if not the best GM in the business and you cant be unsung when "In Ozzie we trust" is a saying. Carr quietly had a monster year and no one is really giving him the credit he deserves for it.
  5. Although I voted for Ozzie, this makes a lot of sense. I’ll have to re-evaluate
  6. idk in terms of pierce and ozzie, they've not got a huge amount of buzz for the success of the team this year

    in the same way that ironically joe flacco has been unsung for his support and leadership despite the disappointment of losing his starting job

    just because they're big names doesn't necessarily disqualify them

    and anyway - you've had almost a week to quibble with or make suggestions to the nominees before now

    also remember this an award for 2018 not for their ravens career - in ozzie we trust is a career-long saying lol - if it had been coined and gained popularity this year then obviously that would disqualify him from candidacy
  7. When people are talking about cutting Williams to make room to sign Pierce you are getting the credit.

    Also I have to objection to him being on the list only because I think there were really not a long of unsung heroes. Maybe one could argue Yanda but arguing for Yanda or Stanley feels cheap because the OLine never really gets individual credit.
  8. outside select corners of ravens fandom has anyone actually suggested that?

    and i think the clearest and most obvious sign of michael pierce still being unsung is: who went to the pro bowl again? was it pierce or was it Brandon Williams?
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  9. This is why I didn't vote for Ozzie. He's great, but everyone already knew that.

    I voted for D'Allesandris. You don't hear about him much, but he's been a damn good o-line coach. Just look at the progress of Brown Jr.
  10. Brandon Carr or Michael Pierce.
  11. Ozzie did not get enough praise for the last 3 drafts and the fact that he is leaving the job with the team sorted on a franchise QB side of things.
  12. Normal fans of all teams vote on pro bowl so the best way to make it is to have just gotten a huge payday so people know who you are, play in NY, Dallas, Pitt, or NE, or be a 1st round pick with hype.
  13. Fans are only a third of the voting and I don’t know that many fans outside of Baltimore would even think of Brandon - he wouldn’t be high on the stats lists that you can sort the players by, he’s 2 years removed from that big contract and he’s not got really any airplay in big national games either
  14. I totally agree with this statement.
  15. I voted for Carr since really people talk more about Jimmy and Humphrey but a guy that never ever gets credit is Sam Koch. Just been a constant giving us good field position and hell he can even throw pretty good and I don't even know if he's ever been invited to the ProBowl.
  16. Well since Gussy got zero votes on the “Offensive rookie of the year” vote, I think he’s a great candidate for this category. He had a 5.2 YPC and he was a key part of the second half run to the playoffs. JMO
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  17. Yeah, curious Gus gets no love here. As you said he was a key piece of the running attack that most likely would not have been as successful with just Jackson and Dixon. Edwards carried a big part of the load.
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  18. Gus the Bus gets plenty of love, but he's just another key addition that was made by Ozzie. He really has built a solid team over the past few seasons and has left Decosta a lot to work with.
  19. Ozzie has been heralded as one of the best/the best GM for over 20 years, IMO he hardly qualifies as an "unsung hero".
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  20. Joe Flacco for playing well early on and then not causing any drama when benched and for trying to be a mentor to Lamar and a genuinely good person after getting benched.
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