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Article Lost In Translation's Pre-Super Bowl Mock Draft

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock News' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. With the 2018 NFL season coming to an end, it is officially my favorite time of the year. Draft time. So without further adieu, let’s get this started.

    And yes… @DeVito52, there will be pictures. Please learn how to read moving forward, thanks.


    I am operating under the assumption that we tender everyone. Yes, even him. So yeah.


    · CJ Mosley: Pay the man. He’s a key component of a super bowl caliber defense and is akin to having another coach on the field.

    · Terrell Suggs: Highly doubt he leaves. Won’t be too expensive

    · Nick Boyle: I love you Maxx, but Boyle is a better blocker and we rely on this heavily.

    · Brent Urban: Rotation defensive lineman that’s good at everything? Sign me up. Won’t be expensive either.


    · Eric Weddle: I love you, but it’s time to move on.


    · Joe Flacco to the Redskins for a 3rd and fourth Rounder. Flacco then retires and screws them over while Eric laughs his way to the bank and @RavensMania dies in a sea of happiness at the stupidity of the organization.

    Compensatory Picks

    · 3rd rounder for Ryan Jensen

    Free Agency

    HaHa Clinton-Dix, FS

    In this year’s “what the hell” moment at the trade deadline, the Packers traded their franchise safety in Clinton-Dix to the Redskins for pennies on the dollar, but in typical Redskins fashion, they did not think about the future at all. The Redskins cannot afford to keep him unless they have a massive purge on the roster. The better question is, why would he stay? Well, we do need a safety and Clinton-Dix fits the bill of what we need. He’s a playmaker in coverage, is smart, and has good ball skills, and is in his prime. Weddle was better than many gave him credit for, but Clinton-Dix is a game changer, and a move I could easily see us making.

    Shaquil Barrett, Situational Pass Rusher

    You might go “who” but remember who he’s playing behind. Whenever he was on the field, whether as a run stuffer or as a pass rusher he was very good at applying pressure on the quarterback. Barrett is going to come for pennies on the dollar for this reason and this is the typical bargain bin shopping Ozzie was coveted for early in his career. This could be an example of something that turns out to be beautiful. Barrett goes way under the radar, and could provide a nice supplementation.

    Olsen Pierre, DE

    Pierre is a situational pass rusher through and through who is an abysmal fit in a 4-3 like the Cardinals are playing. He had 5.5 sacks 2017 which could serve us well.

    Henry Anderson, DE

    Anderson’s season was a bit of a fluke. He’s not as good of a pass rusher as people claim he is, but he is better than the majority of the guys we have on the roster. That said, he’s a high-level run defender. Having another Brent Urban on the roster is not a bad thing. Anderson likely comes at a more affordable price than some of his peers.


    The Ravens trade the 22nd overall pick to The Jaguars for their second and third round picks.

    Round 2: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina


    I’m making a couple of assumptions here. One being that any worthwhile and non-overrated pass rusher is off of the board. The other is that Cody Ford is also off of the board, which is possible since Ford is likely to blow up the combine. A player I could see falter at the combine is Deebo Samuel. Samuel is everything we have been looking for at wide receiver. This is a statement from Decosta. He may be a pick hoarder but those picks will not be wasted. Samuel will become the #1 wide receiver and playmaker the team needs. He's explosive after the catch, good hands, really good route runner, and can make some tough catches. We need to find ourselves a #1 WR for our rookie QB, and next year's draft is going to have it too. Why not load up?

    Round 3: Beau Benzschawel, G, Wisconsin


    Benzschawel is very, very scheme limited. Thankfully the scheme he does fit is ours. Benzschawel might test poorly at the combine, but he’s a powerful guard and a more than capable puller. As far as players go, Benzschawel is a day one starter from the get go and will prove to be an instant upgrade on an overrated offensive line. Greg Roman is likely salivating at him as a possibility.

    Round 3: Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern


    *the entire ravens nation points a gun at my head*.

    Calm yourselves. Let me explain myself. It’s not so much that I’m worried about Lamar getting hurt, but Lamar has a lot of flaws in his game. I am a fan of his and I think he will pan out. But the Redskins had the right philosophy (for once). And Clayton Thorson is my #1 QB prospect in this draft class. He is coming off of a bad injury from the season previous, but Thorson has been overlooked, and likely would have been a first round pick last year had it not been for his injury. He’s a good athlete and runner of the football, he’s got really good accuracy and an underrated arm that is good enough to make all the throws. He has things to work on, namely reading the defenses, but Thorson always struck me as a guy who could be something at the NFL level. Even if Lamar does pan out and remains relatively healthy, Thorson in a couple of years could turn into a Jimmy G situation where we get some draft capital in return. It makes sense for a lot of reasons, especially since there’s a better than average chance that RG3 leaves in the offseason

    Round 3: JoeJuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt


    Jimmy Smith and Brandon Carr may both stay in this scenario, but it’s time to start preparing for life without them, and as far as prospects to groom to replace them Williams is as good of any to replace Jimmy in particular. Williams is a big corner, with fluid hips, and wicked press ability and discipline in zone coverage. He’s quicker than he is fast and this could cause some concerns with his long speed, but he’s a well coached player and a good athlete.

    Round 4: Porter Gustin, OLB, USC


    This is where injury concerns cause a player that should go much higher to fall. Gustin is a power rusher to the extreme, and he has the pass rush moves to back him up with underrated burst. Edge will be crowded with Suggs, Judon, Williams, Barrett, and Gustin on the roster, but the idea here is to have a fresh rotation. All bring different skillsets to the table. For a team that blitzes as often as we do, we need to acquire as many pass rushers as humanly possible. Gustin would be a great value pick here.

    Round 4: Devin Singletary, RB, FAU


    There’s a couple of constants in life. Death, taxes, the lovely employees as Chick Fil A saying “my pleasure” instead of “you're welcome” when you thank them. People are going to overlook short running backs despite some fantastic options. You have two picks in this draft. Singletary, and Gaskin. Both would be excellent, but I think Singletary is a bell cow at the next level and a better fit for our offense. He’s thick, and uses his low center of gravity. Though not having a large sample size receiving wise at least recently, he seems to be a natural hands catcher of the football and is not a liability. He makes really good cuts before and after the line of scrimmage and akin to other smaller backs before his time, he breaks tackles. He has underrated acceleration. He reminds me a lot of Frank Gore, and upon hearing that Greg Roman should run up to the podium himself to draft him.

    And that’s where I am going to leave us off. I still stand by this draft being utterly pathetic, but I think this would be a good haul for Eric’s first draft.
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  2. This word to picture ratio is very weak. I’m gonna need it to be around 1:3 word to picture.
  3. Love the Shaq Barett get.
  4. Love the shaq Barrett pickup.

    I thought benzschawel was returning to school?

    Deebo won’t be available that late, I’d be utterly shocked.

    Thorson imo is ass, I like him as a read option qb somewhat, but his pocket passing is honestly not that far ahead of lamar and that’s just from an accuracy standpoint not counting the finer things lamar does well from the pocket, and that’s with him being half the athlete lamar is, I’d much rather keep bob3 as the backup and leave it at that, if we fail miserably this year make a play for a first round qb next year.

    Otherwise I like it, I like Gustin and singletary a lot at those spots, don’t know who the cb is but I’ll take a look eventually.
  5. Good job, although I’m not sure we will be using a 3rd on Clayton. Maybe if he is there in the fourth we nab him. Beau will be gone by the 3rd and Singletary will be gone in the 4th. That being said, I like the draft.
  6. http://www.ozaukeepress.com/content/benzschawel-play-senior-bowl
  7. You're mistaking Beau for Tyler Biadasz.
  8. I could see Beau tank the combine. I liked his tape a lot but he is really scheme limited. It bodes well for us, but a good portion of the teams run zone.

    Even then, the other guard from Wisconsin this year is also a day one starter and Connor McGovern, aka the only starter saquom had in college would be good here too.

    Running backs always fall, and I could see Singletary post an average combine. It will be some other team’s loss but our gain.
  9. Roman still runs plenty of zone in his scheme.
  10. He does but not enough to the point wher Beau is a liability.

    Any guard in the third is going to be worth it. Beau I think is the most ready to start in this scheme.
  11. I like Thorson, but I wouldn't pick him in the 3rd round. Although Matt Miller tweeted Thorson will go much higher than a lot of people think. Hearing Round 3 grades from teams. Many point to poor help around him offensively at Northwestern.

    I'm not sure if it is smart to draft 2 qb's in back-to-back drafts relatively high.
  12. I like Beau, Ford, and Lindstrom. There are others but I haven’t watched much tape at this point
  13. Lindstrom is my guy but I don’t think the ravens wanna take a gurd in the first, which is the round I think he goes in
  14. I was not a huge fan of beau’s senior bowl practices - wasn’t paying enough attention during the game but he really struggled against some of the power guys in practice

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