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2019 College Football

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by allblackraven, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Let's start this off.

  2. Alex Kirshner‏Verified account @alex_kirshner
    Pretty cool for the Browns to get Odell and Landry together. There is no way a team could have both of them for an extended period of time and fail to at least be the best team in its conference
  3. Damn, Dabo Sweeney got paid!!!!
  4. Well first real football game of the season kicks off at 7:00 EST. Miami vs Fla then Ari vs/Hawaii later on. All the teams play next week.

    @RavensMania and @rossihunter2 just wondering if this thread should be moved to draft section. Might get more participation with talks about draft prospects.
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  5. Miami with the first points on the board, but I'm a little concerned about their QB.
  6. Nice tight game. Fla really killing themselves with turnovers which changed the momentum. Some really nice skill players and Greenard #58 of Fla has really caught my eye as a passrusher. Bandy #2 of Miami looks like a nice player at CB also. Miami's QB is really settling down with a nice drive at the end of the half.
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  7. The Miami QB's handoffs and PAs feel so damn slow.
  8. He looks animated, almost robot like.
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  9. Canes QB will have a very long season behind this O line.

    Actually, most likely very short.
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  10. The stupidest PI I've ever seen
  11. This Miami o-line....................whew boy.
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  12. Big loss for Bama, MLB Dylan Moses requires surgery on his knee after injuring it in practice Tuesday.
    Out for 2019 season.
  13. That stinks. He was one of the ILB's I was hoping to check out this year.
  14. He is very good player, was going to be drafted in a top half of the 1st round for sure.
  15. Is the NCAA ever going to stop letting the ranked teams pad their win totals against terrible teams to start the year?
  16. Bama playing very meh. Can't wait for Saban's post game press conference.
  17. Duke is a very veteran team according to what I heard earlier.
  18. True but sill....
    Also, Jeudy scared the shit out of me just now, thought he got badly injured
  19. Tua playing really well, though

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