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2019 Baltimore Orioles

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Tank, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. New year, new coaching staff, new team! LET’S GO!
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  2. Orioles trade an undisclosed amount of International Bonus Slot Money to the Rangers in exchange for RHP David Lebron.
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  3. It seems the wheels came off in the 8th today against the Rays.
  4. Sisco's on fire
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  5. We need some stars. Hope last year was just an abomination.
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  6. We should be better than last year. Hopefully each year we get better and better until we're a legit contender.
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  7. Come on O's, bring Adam Jones home.
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  8. @RavensMania Is there a way we can pin this and unpin the 2018 Orioles thread?
  9. it's pinned already. Do you want me to unpin it?
  10. This one is not pinned. The 2018 one is pinned not the 2019. We need to sweep the last season outta here.
  11. done
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  12. I'm officially banning myself from starting any new threads ever. 2018 could not have gone worse!

    So thanks @Tank for this one. Now to find a new favorite Oriole....hmmmmmmm.
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  13. Oh and Chris Davis has a hip problem. Yay.
  14. Well after two weeks, I see that our pitching is going to be a problem this season.
  15. Unfortunately, 2019 may also be a rough one. Still holding out a little hope!
  16. It would help the Orioles for Davis to go on the injured list. It would allow the O's to take Mancini out of the outfield and put him at first base which opens up left field for a young outfielder.
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  17. I certainly agree that pitching will be our major problem for at least two seasons. Hopefully the new regime will do a much better job of developing pitchers.
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  18. pitching has been the Orioles problem for years......going back to Earl Weaver. That was the last time it was really stable.
  19. It has a long time since we had a solid pitching staff. The last one I remember was under Davey Johnson with Mike Mussina as our #1 starter and Randy Myers as our closer. I am looking forward to Elias and company improving our pitching.
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  20. Lots of things are going to be a problem this year. But we get to see how the young guys develop. Long process ahead but should enjoy this year more than last with optimism of eventually being good.
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