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Article Offensive Player of the Year

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock News' started by rossihunter2, Feb 28, 2019.


Who is the Ravens's Offensive Player of the Year for 2018

Poll closed May 28, 2019.
  1. Lamar Jackson

  2. Marshal Yanda

  3. Mark Andrews

  4. Gus Edwards

  5. Willie Snead IV

  1. A pleasing amount of rookies on this list...
  2. Hopefully next year will be much of the same
  3. Gave my vote to Yanda. Only because O linemen never get any love in these polls. Lol, but sentiments aside he is a great guard, and has been consistently great for years. He is a top 15 O lineman, and will more then likely join Ray, Ed, and Ogden in Canton someday.

    Having said all that I like Lamar and Andrews, and either one of those guys deserve the top vote.
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  4. Gotta give it to lamar, he made the biggest impact. Production wise it’s gotta be either Andrews or Edwards, but lamar made our offense what it was.

    If there was a clutch vote though, Snead for sure. He was the best signing we’ve made since Steve Smith if last year was any indication of what hell do here. He has a really strong knack for converting thirds on really tough catches.
  5. Willie Snead is like a freaking superhero, with the power to always be open on third down
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  6. Not even be open lol, just to catch the ball and pass the sticks on third, it’s like every goddamn pass he caught felt like a really impressive third down conversion
  7. yeah, it's like Marty only realized he could be used on 3rd downs.
  8. Lamar got my vote for becoming the play-maker that this offense has been missing since the Ray Rice days. It's a breath of fresh air to watch the offense now and know that something special could happen on any given play. There's a handful of plays every game where Lamar will make you say, "Wow!" (both good and bad lol), and it's exciting to watch.

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