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Article Lost Mock #3

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock News' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Lost Mock #3

    Free Agency might not be over, but the painful endeavor of having to do another offseason it of itself is. Thank god. The only real loss the team has had has been CJ Mosley. We need to bolster the pass rush now and of course the interior line. It’s a rebuilding year for better or worse, which is what we need to do.

    I see us signing Justin Houston or someone along the lines of that.

    The Ravens trade the 22nd overall pick to The Jaguars for their second and third round picks.

    Round 2: Mack Wilson, ILB, Alabama

    CJ being gone hurts big because of how important he was to the front seven. He had a profound impact on the game going beyond just the simple stuff on the field. But I think given that the team has rambled on and on about how far Kenny Young has come in terms of intelligence, and given the fact that Peanut is extremely limited as a player, ILB has suddenly become a need. The intelligence and communication won’t be an issue, Earl Thomas, Weddle’s replacement is one of the smartest players in the game regardless of position. He’s got this. Mack Wilson is a worthy heir apparent to CJ and is ready to play day one. He has massive, massive consistency issues, but when he’s on his A-game I see a guy who could feasibly make an all pro team one day and be a favorite on day one. He does display the football intelligence and has off the charts athleticism to go with it. He also plays like a Raven and punches you right in the mouth on every chance he gets. His issues come with consistency, which I think can be coached into him. The team needs to be built for Lamar, yes, but this is an identity pick. Lamar needs to have a good defense for us to win games right now, the offense is limited anyways. This will ensure the offense gets the job done. If we can clean up Mack Wilson and turn him into a more consistent tackler, his impact on the defense will be comparable, if not better than CJ’s

    Round 3: JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford


    JJ Arcega-Whiteside is a good route runner, with good hands, and he is a receiver who knows how to use his size. He’s athletically more limited than I would like, but he has the potential to be a good red zone threat, and be a guy who can keep the offense on schedule. On the outside, he could be a significant mismatch threat, and a good possession guy. We would still need to find another deep threat, but next year is a better year for this. The offense has speed at RB, and TE, and Lamar does still need to work on deep ball mechanics.

    Round 3: Connor McGovern, OG, Penn State


    Not to be confused with the player that’s already in the NFL. This was Saquon’s only competent lineman last year. He’s the perfect fit for our scheme. We got Mark Ingram for a fantastic contract, but that is going to be utterly useless to us if we do not upgrade the G position. This year’s interior line class is fantastic. Multiple options should be explored.

    Round 3: Austin Bryant, DE, Clemson


    You want a pass rush with good natural bend? How about good length? How about good speed? Good pass rushing moves? Austin Bryant would be your guy. He falls victim of falling due to the fact that the class is loaded and he has concerns about his strength. He’s not perfect, and sometimes he plays way too tall, but I could see him fall due to how absolutely stacked this is. This would be an Ozzie Newsome move, where we draft someone who falls because of over-saturation. Even with signing Houston, acquiring Bryant.

    Round Four: Isaiah Buggs, DL, Alabama


    Buggs. Is he undersized? Yes. Did he athletically test well? No. Is he a good football player? Yes. And sometimes that’s all that matters. Buggs isn’t a guy with a true position but he can play every position on the defensive line in either a 3-4 or 4-3 alignment, and he is good at everything. Buggs will start out as a rotational guy, but in our defense that doesn’t matter. He’s going to contribute from day one and is going to be a guy who can both bring the heat and be a good run defender. Wink would love this guy.

    Round Four: Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington


    Mark Ingram is a great addition to this team. He fits most of our scheme perfectly. The key word is most of our scheme. Why? We run a similar run game to the Saints, and now we need a good compliment sparkplug zone runner. Gaskin is not Alvin Kamara, I don’t think he will ever be as good as Kamara. But do I think he will be a good running back? Yes.

    Round Five: Jakobi Meyers, WR, NC State

    Former QB, could become a good replacement slot WR for Snead if we let him walk. Explosive, and a playmaker.

    Round Six: Porter Gustin, OLB, USC

    Poor Porter. What injuries have done to your stock is a crime. Now Miller and others have you as a later round pick due to injury history. That’s fine. This is a moment where your stock decline has a positive impact on the organization.

    Well that's all!
  2. I fucking LOVE all but our top pick, I like Wilson but I’m just not that big on him. I like Devin bush quite a bit more than Wilson.

    Buggs feels like he’s destined to be a raven, that’s just a pick that we would make. Some picks feel so telegraphed for us that we’re all just like “yup, of course”, like upshaw, Orlando brown, hurst, Mosley, wormley, they all felt so obvious.

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