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Welcome to Baltimore Justice Hill, Ben Powers, and Iman Marshall

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Two great picks and one questionable olinemen. I don't see Powers as a fit, but I'm a huge fan of Iman Marshall and Hill.
  3. Powers is a fit. He’s gonna be good for romans offense. He’s a big upgrade over hurst and Lewis, he’s got great eye discipline when the rush comes in heavy, and he’s a tactical run blocker with the prerequisite strength and hopefully he can get in the weight room and see his ceiling go up.
  4. Hopefully we don’t have to wait 2 seasons to see him start over hurst and Lewis.
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  5. You know we will though.

    I don’t wish injury on anyone but I fucking hope hurst and Lewis and skura all get injuries in TC so Bozeman and Powers step right in.

    Honestly, a line of Stanley, Powers, Bozeman, yanda, and brown sounds pretty damn good.
  6. Powers quote........”I love taking a grown man’s dreams and crushing them”. I like it!
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  7. One thing about Hill that is overlooked is that he's a surprisingly good pass blocker. He knows how to anchor and can stall guys.
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  8. I do like that edgy side for an offensive lineman.
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  9. I think Iman Marshall is one of the more underrated picks. I love his physicality and could see him really becoming a starting quality boundary CB with some work. They're definitely preparing for life after Jimmy and Carr. Humphrey, Young, Averett, and Marshall could be a pretty damn good group in a year or two.
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  10. Marshall is gonna be a major steal. I really think he'll be the starter next year after Jimmy and Carr get big deals elsewhere.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Agree, but we need to get him a yoga mat for that hip fluidity
  13. Fun fact - in 2015 Marshall ended Rosen's 5 game streak with no INTs. Picked him off twice.
    He is easy my second favourite pick this year.
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  14. Hollywood first?
  15. Hill is a pick that seems to be under the radar... he’s a home run hitter who can bang between the tackles, and his speed isn’t just breakaway speed, he’s got stop and start, he’s got gears, he’s got jump cuts, Jukes, spins, all of it, and he lowers the pads and surprises with his power at times too. If we’re running a lot of wishbone with hill and Ingram/Edwards, defenses are in trouble. If the blueprint to stop us is a 4-4 box of DTs and DBs , then you better hope those DBs are gonna consistently get Ingram down, otherwise you’re selling out in the middle and lamar and hill will gash you on the edges all day.
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  16. My kind of RB. Initially, I was NOT happy with the signing of Ingram since we had the bus and Dixon but I've had a change of heart since. Going into the draft, I pounded the table for a scat back with home run speed, a change-of-pace back if you will. Since I've never heard of this guy before, how is he as a pass-catcher?
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  17. I haven’t watched a whole ton of him but his highlights have little to no receiving, and I believe they said on the broadcast that his downside is that he’s a scatback with no experience as a receiver, but I could be remembering that wrong.

    I gotta get to the film on him but his good plays look really impressive and fitting for this offense
  18. Ferguson
  19. Spent half of the day watching Powers tape. He's unspectacular... but has starter traits. He's scheme limited, but at LG we should be able to mask his weaknesses.

    I think the team really trusts Bozeman which is why we passed up on a C. If that's the case, I'll give them a chance. The interior OL class next year is really good as well, the C from Wisconsin being as perfect of a fit for us as anyone.

    I wanted to address the oline earlier, but Powers is a day one upgrade from Lewis and Hurst. That may not be saying much, but frankly just an average NFL player is a massive upgrade over those two. Same goes for Skura. He's a low ceiling but high floor guy. If your floor is a solid NFL starter who will stay in the league for ten years, you're worth drafting in the fourth.
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  20. You need to watch 2017 tape of him. Youll see recieving from him there

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