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Article Baltimore Ravens Offense: The NFL's Jackhammer

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock News' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, May 4, 2019.

  1. The Ravens have undergone an identity shift over the past two years. The previous two offseasons accomplishing goals and a new example of forward thinking that finally seems up to modern times. The Baltimore Ravens have built a team predicated on multiple variables, but one seems to be getting attention: speed.

    The previous four drafts have gone a long way in making this team competitive again, with 2016 and 2017 focusing mostly on the defensive side of the ball, and 2018 and 2019 focusing on building a foundation from the most important draft selection of them all: Lamar Jackson.

    This will be looking mostly at 2018 and 2019.

    In 2018 we've acquired several key pieces on the offensive side of the ball.

    Hayden Hurst: played better than his statistics indicated. Potential future pro bowler if he reaches his ceiling.

    Lamar Jackson: future franchise QB

    Orlando Brown Jr: 10 year starter at RT

    Mark Andrews: future pro bowler at TE.

    Greg Senat: key offensive line depth who can play 4 positions

    Bradley Bozeman: future starter at C, and likely long-time anchor

    This was clearly a foundation draft over everything. Two starters on the offensive line, both filling positions of need. Andrews and Hurst complement each other very well and will feast over the middle of the field. Senat being a key depth piece who can become your swing tackle should one of the bookends get hurt. This established the identity of old. The Ravens have always operated best as a power football team. They like grinding down the opposition and having the defense pin their ears back to dominate. Hurst and Andrews have proven themselves to be competent to good blockers, and the Ravens played a lot of two and three tight end sets last year.

    What the Ravens needed more than anything with a weapons corps was a deep threat. Willie Snead could do fine as a third down security blanket for Lamar Jackson. We added more than just a deep threat.

    Marquise "Hollywood" Brown: Electric deep threat who impacts the game beyond the stat sheet.

    Miles Boykin: Possession WR with good straight line speed

    Justice Hill: Sparkplug change of pace back

    Ben Powers: Potential day one starter at LG

    I'm not going to include Trace McSorley because I honestly doubt he amounts to anything.

    But those three additions, while seemingly small open up a lot of possibilities for the offense.

    Before adding all of these pieces, the Ravens were a grind them out offense. Gus Edwards would batter the defense repeatedly, and when Lamar was called upon to run the ball, opposing defenses would be tired.

    So, let me start this long look about how each skill position player is going to work. Both rookies, and non rookies.

    I will not be covering Lamar Jackson. That is for another day.

    Running Backs

    Mark Ingram: The former Saints running was acquired for pennies on the dollar likely because he was very scheme-dependent. Which is okay because we run the same scheme that the Saints do. Ingram is a power runner, who is a really good receiver out of the backfield. He enjoys punishing opposing defensive players and is one of the best power backs in the league? Does Sean Payton make his life easier? Yes, but Roman is historically as friendly for running backs. If Gus Edwards in half a season can come close to eclipsing the 1000-yard mark, imagine what Ingram, a much better player, can do. Ingram in a lot of ways is going to be our tone setter for the offense, opening everything else. He will tire out the defense, and set up a lot of third and shorts for Lamar.

    Gus Edwards: To continue our ground and pound identity we come to Edwards, who honestly works much better as a number two running back. When Ingram must come out to get some rest, Edwards will be able to pick up right where he left off. He’s unspectacular but he’s effective. The Gus Bus is slightly bigger, and provides a different obstacle for defenses to gameplan for.

    Justice Hill: It is obvious that we are trying to replicate the Saints in more ways than one this offseason. We think Hill could be our Alvin Kamara. He’s not anywhere near as talented as Kamara is, but in limited touches Hill is going to be a nightmare. This pick shows me two things. 1. We finally are committing to a runner with home run speed. 2. Lamar will be running a lot less next season. Hill is a good pass protector, and when the defense gets battered by Mark and Gus, Hill will come in. Greg Roman’s scheme opened up a lot of home run opportunities last year that our backs were just too slow to capitalize on. Hill changes that and adds another dynamic to the offense. If he’s a good receiver, we just found our third down back too.

    Receiving Corps

    Hayden Hurst: I start off with our tight ends because they will likely be the bedrock of the entire offense. Andrews was better last year, but Hurst is going first. I suspect both tight ends start next year, even with Boyle being an important piece. Hurst is going to be a lot more productive next year barring his health. He’s too talented not to be. He’s a good blocker already at the pro level and opened a lot of plays for Lamar and the running game last year. That to me states that he will start, especially since he has much more upside as a receiver than Boyle does. He’s good in open space and after the catch, he’s got good hands, and is a good target in the red zone. Make no mistakes, he would’ve been a lot more productive with Flacco. So, would’ve Andrews frankly.

    Mark Andrews: Thankfully he stepped up when Hurst went out last year. Andrews displayed competence as a blocker and as a big slot WR. Three tight end sets last year were not abnormal, and Andrews looks like the best receiving tight end on the roster: because he is. He’s the best route runner, he’s good after the catch, and he’s just crafty.

    Marquise Brown: Brown is not going to be a good fantasy receiver this year, but he’s going to impact the offense in several ways. Since two tight end sets are likely to be the norm in this offense, teams are going to be stacking the box a lot. Andrews, Hurst, and Snead are good route runners, but them getting pressed a lot is going to be difficult. Brown prevents this from happening entirely. He’s so fast and has such good acceleration that if defenses don’t account for his speed Lamar will be able to hit him 20 yards downfield after 3 seconds and Brown would be a threat to take that to the house. Brown doesn’t just beat press coverage, he eliminates it entirely as a possibility because if you press this team he is going to win that mismatch, and so is Boykin. security blankets that will allow him to develop.

    Miles Boykin: Boykin will destroy press coverage for a different reason: he’s too big and he’s fast enough in a straight line to make teams pay. He’s not a threat after the catch, but like the tight ends, he will beat up on whatever corner you put on him because he knows how to use his size. He makes life much easier for Brown because of this. They compliment each other perfectly.

    Ravens New Identity:

    Marquise Brown and Mark Ingram fundamentally change this offense and how it works, with Ingram being a clear upgrade over Gus and Brown being an upgrade over whoever we had at wide receiver last. Two tight end sets mean that we are going to be pounding the rock consistently. Ingram is going to force a lot of second, third, and shorts, especially if Bozeman and Powers are the ones starting. This makes things a lot more manageable for Lamar as a passer and provides an indirect (but clearly intentional) safety net to help him develop as a passer.

    Power football is going to set up the big plays. Ingram, Edwards, the tight ends, and Willie Snead will wear down any defense with running and four or five yard passes all day long. If Roman is smart, this is when you best use Brown, Boykin, and Hill. Defenses will be forced to press, and then you have two guys who can stretch the field (along with two tight ends who can), and a running back who can turn any touch into a home run.

    This team isn’t really the Legion of Zoom, like the media will indicate. This offense is the NFL’s jack hammer. Fast, powerful, and will eradicate any obstacle in its path.

    When you combine all of this with Lamar’s athletic gifts, and an offensive line that can pass protect, if Jackson’s development goes well this offense won’t just be good, it could be unstoppable.
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  2. @Lost_In_Translation
    great article! What game should I watch to better see Hill as a blocker? What I've seen is a lot of ducking and attempted cuts with varying success. Haven't observed him actually squaring up and getting into anyone.
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  3. Yeah I’ve mostly seen him cutting as well
  4. Is Hill significantly better than Trayveon Williams? I would have preferred Williams over Hill. What am I missing? @Edgar whats your take?
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  5. You and I agree I would have preferred Trayveon by a good bit. Much better on third down both as areceiver and in protection. I see Hill as having a long way to go.
  6. Williams is a better pass protector and a better receiver, but Hill was never really asked of that. I think Hill has that kind of upside though.

    It's not in games but I've seen it live. He needs some work, especially since he's undersized, but I'm not worried about that from him. NFL coaching can fix his issues if you ask me. He's giving t his all too.

    I think Hill is a better runner of the football, but right now Williams is more polish. I personally think Hill has more upside. I was a huge fan of the pick and still am.
  7. Very well put together indeed. However, I think you're leaving out Biggie and Mack at your own peril. I think Biggie will be a huge ST player and Mack will soon become our best pass rushing DL along the lines of Henry only better.
  8. No pictures. This is horse shit.
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  9. there are other sites that have good pictures.
  10. "Mark Andrews: Thankfully he stepped up when Hurst went out last year. Andrews displayed competence as a blocker and as a big slot WR. Three tight end sets last year were not abnormal, and Andrews looks like the best receiving tight end on the roster: because he is. He’s the best route runner, he’s good after the catch, and he’s just crafty."

    You left out the part about Mark being handsome, sheesh.
  11. Who’s gonna tell her that Andrews isn’t even that attractive
  12. What did you just say????

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  13. I honestly don't think @DeVito52 has a clue about what I could do to him. So naive....
  14. And no @DeVito52. Not that.

    She will release her muscle bound husband on you. And no one can survive that.
  15. Ha, no not that.

    Eh, I won't need reinforcements. I'm pretty sure my muscles will work just fine on @DeVito52 . Thankfully, I won't have to go through that twitch muscle program again, that was grueling.
  16. Woah, I like you just as a friend
  17. You learned that line from all the girls you to talk to, huh? :lol:

    We aren't friends because you were mean to Mark. :p
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  18. Actually you’re the only girl he talks too
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