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A question for Raven fans

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 15, 2019.

  1. Which other NFL teams can you guys pull for when it doesn't effect you guys?
  2. I never pull for anyteams other than Ravens lol.. well i guess if im betting on the team i kinda pull for them but other than that, none. Tbh i dont even see people here cheering for other teams. Only specific players that we wanna see do well or someone that was scouted heavily before they entered the nfl
    • Any team that's facing the Steelers, Bengals, Browns, and Pats. If any of these teams happen to be facing each other then it really depends on their records and which team winning would help us more.
    • Really don't root for any other AFC team, but I don't mind the Chargers. Their powder blue jerseys are GOAT status (I used to own a powder blue LT jersey) and I usually end up taking Keenan Allen in at least one of my fantasy drafts if he's available.
    • NFC teams: Saints, 49ers, and Packers. Saints because Brees and Kamara are fun to watch, 49ers because one of my best friends is a Niners fan so I usually pull for them, and Packers because Rodgers and their fans are awesome.
  3. I kind of root for the Packers and Bills. But only when their games don't affect the Ravens.

    Before you try to kill me, @Dom McRaven, I root for the Bills occassionally because my grandmother and her siblings grew up in Buffalo (big family), and we have family reunions there every once in a while. I also have some family members in Madison.
  4. Raiders and any team facing the Skins, Cowboys, Eagles, Eagles, Eagles, Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Pats.
  5. It varies every year. I usually pull for weak teams who made moves that I really liked and think it can turn them around.
  6. i root for teams often that are enjoyable to watch - and almost always root for the underdog too
  7. I like Watson, but I remember getting trounced by Houston in a couple of games and I don't like how Hopkins got away with murder against Jimmy last time we played them. I'm still salty about that so I can't root for them. lol
  8. Also, fuck the Falcons. I'll always hate Matt Ryan and how he ends up choking in big games. The Pats would have one less SB if not for the Chokers.
  9. That's why, Hopkins is my favorite receiver.

    and in my opinion...the bes...
  10. Hopkins is a great WR, but I think he got away with some push-offs against Jimmy. He's definitely top 3, if not the best.
  11. Packers, Saints, and Texans.
  12. Packers in the NFC. AFC usually depends on how it affects our ravens. However, this year I will keep a close eye on the Broncos because of Joe. I’ll pull for him as long as it’s not against us, or would hurt our chances at post season.
  13. Oh, so this year you are rooting for the Browns. "Trader"
  14. I feel bad for Cleveland actually.
  15. I used to feel bad for them, but their fans have become unbearable now that they've started to get hype. I'll be so, so happy if they miss the playoffs again after adding all that talent.
  16. I can’t stand Browns fans. Any time we are on vacation where we meet someone from Cleveland and they hear we are from Baltimore they start with us about how we stole their team, etc. I think what happened when the Colts left in the middle of the night was much worse but the Ravens are always made out to be the bad guys and except for people here it seems no one has a problem with Indy or teams in other sports that move.
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  17. and how is it that Indy was able to keep the name Colts. I don't even think anyone in Indianapolis knows what a Colt is besides a gun.
  18. No one else now, use to care in a limited capacity for the Jags in the early 2000's, I loved Byron Leftwich who should of been a Raven. It worked out Since we took Suggs.

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