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friendly fantasy league

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. I normally operate two leagues. One dynasty, more in depth and then a standard friendly re-draft league.

    Didn't do my friendly league last year, but doing it this year. I have 5 spots filled and was looking for about 5 more if people want to join a more simple, leisurely league.

    And if so, do you prefer NFL.com or ESPN.com? For this league I have like a 3 year history with NFL.com so I can just reactivate.
  2. I need a fun league, did you start yet?
  3. We have not. Will probably draft last weekend before the season opener. A simple league, but I can’t send you an invite or post the link to the league if you want in
  4. So you don’t have any openings?
  5. My bad, meant to say I CAN send you an invite if you want in.
  6. Yeah man send it
  7. Whats your email address?

    This league is pretty standard, QB RB RB WR WR WR TE K DEF DP / 6 bench

    I had everyone a agree on a time for tomorrow at 7PM. If you can't make it or not interested anymore, just let me know. Otherwise, you can shoot me your email and I'll get you the invite.
  8. 3 WRs instead of 2 and a flex?

    And all of this is fine, see you tomorrow for the draft. Thanks for the invite!
  9. You got it! I can switch it to a flex if need be
  10. I’m just making sure I’m reading that right is all lol
  11. @RavensPunkXVX i was at my moms bday party and wasn’t able to tune in at 7 but I’m not seeing a team for myself or anyone... what’s going on?
  12. It became unfriendly league
  13. Oh shid fam I need to leave. I’m all about the friendliness
  14. Had trouble getting enough people by 7 so NFL.com postpones the draft if you don’t have enough. Rescheduled for Monday at 7:30.
  15. Works for me, I’ll see if i can find someone
  16. Yup I think I opened it so owners can send invites
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  17. How many people do we need? I sent one invite and have another who wants to join
  18. Should be around 2, after the 2 you bring in. Should be able to fill it from there
  19. Are we on for 7:30 tonight? I sent 2 invites but haven’t heard back from them

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