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Preseason 2 Green Bay Packers @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. 2 home games in a row in the preseason and the game that officially ends training camp practices at owings mills - after this it's only the joint practices on the road and practices regular season style left before we get to week 1...

    kick off 7:30 EST at M&T Bank Stadium

    @allblackraven do your thing...

    (sorry for how late in the day this thread has been posted)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Hollywood strolling in rocking his hollywood chain
  3. Anyone know a good site to stream the game tonight on my computer? NFL.com shows that the Ravens and Eagles are blackouts for live local.
  4. I would try one of the streams on reddit.
  5. NFL Network is airing a special "NFL Gameday Live" starting at 7PM, going around the league of all the games tonight. The first game replay shown by NFL Network is Packers-Ravens starting at Midnight, set your DVRs.

    Also Aaron Rodgers is not playing now due to tightness in his back.
  6. if i remember ill try and post one in about 20 mins when ive found one
  7. no lie lamar lookin kinda fly. i really hope he stays toned down and doesnt go full cam newton/russell westbrook every gameday
  8. sucks, i really wanted to see some guys against a starting qb, at least for a drive or 2.
  9. the whole aesthetic of the photo in general with the grain, the outfits and everything is fairly retro lol - i like it
  10. here's a pretty good one:

  11. Good Luck Ravens, already 12:21 here in Dublin. I feel your pain @rossihunter2, however I have an early morning train ride through the Wicklow mountains before returning back to the Celebrity Silhouette.
  12. Damn. BW can sing
  13. sounds like Rodgers is out
  14. vaca in ireland?
  15. Ireland and Iceland. Cruise started in London
  16. haha you know it - ive got to be waking up in 7 hours to do stuff - game hasnt even started yet lol
  17. This fucking amount of swag man. But at the same time, they look like they're walking with a purpose.
  18. Sharp pass right there.
  19. nice, hows ireland in the summer? is it as rainy as its rumored to be? always wanted to see the motherland lol

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