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Preaseason 3 Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Kickoff 7:30 EST at Lincoln Financial Field

    game 3 - the biggest of the preseason games if there even is such a thing anymore...

    @allblackraven over to you
  2. On 105.7 it sounds like Hollywood is seeing some action tonight
  3. Last time we played the Eagles in preseason, Chip Kelly's team trashed us 40-17 (2015)
  4. Isn’t that the game Ben Watson tore his Achilles on the first snap?
  5. Let's go baby. I'm back, missed y'all.
  6. Alrighty folks, name one player on offense and one on defense that you're looking forward to watch tonight

    Offense - Hayden Hurst
    Defense - Kenny Young
  7. I don't think Watson was with us then.
  8. Looks like Jackson is shut down for remainder of preseason and we're rolling with a backup line for the most part. Excited to see Hill, Hollywood, and Boykin get some run along with Hurst. LFG

    Edit before I'm tarred and feathered: Hayden Hurst
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  9. offense - justice hill
    defense - deshon elliott
  10. wow so looks like we've decided to rest a load of starters

    looks like lamar wasnt warming up, stanley wasnt warming up - the starting receivers at warmups were hollywood and boykin, the starting rb at warmups was justice hill

    bozeman at LG, Powers at RG

    kenneth dixon not playing (actually a good thing for his chances - suggests hes in our plans for the season), nor ingram or edwards
  11. no, that was 2017
  12. wow, thats new for harbaugh, he never does that. and its also concerning as hell considering lamar is a guy that really needs the live bullets.

    but hell, its a new era for the ravens, maybe if the rest of the league does it we should too.
  13. lamar not starting had me really unexcited, but now knowing all these guys are gonna be starting and were gonna get to really see a lot of guys weve wanted to, thats got me more excited than a regular preseason game lol
  14. sounds like we didnt have a full line practicing on tuesday too - probably dont want lamar playing pointless snaps behind a potentially bad OL and the fact the eagles are playing no starters maybe makes it pointless for him to play
  15. more snaps for the guys that need snaps is never a bad thing

    1 proviso - sounds like jaylon ferguson isnt playing either
  16. Any Reddit streams for tonights game?
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  17. per zrebiec:

    Ravens starting offensive line in warmups: James Hurst at left tackle, Bradley Bozeman at left guard, Matt Skura at center, Ben Powers at right guard and Orlando Brown Jr. at right tackle.

    These are Ravens I did not see in uniform for warmups (offense first): QBs Lamar Jackson, RG3; RBs Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards, Kenneth Dixon; WRs Willie Snead, Seth Roberts, OL Marshal Yanda, Ronnie Stanley, Eluemunor, Randin Crecilius, Greg Senat.

    Defense: LBs Jaylon Ferguson, Chris Board; DL Brandon Williams, Gerald Willis; DBs-Tavon Young, Iman Marshall. Ravens top DBs (Humphrey, Thomas, Jimmy Smith, Carr) were all dressed, but that probably doesn't guarantee they'll play.
  18. Powers and Averett
  19. yeah that blows. thats a guy who i really think needs snaps. maybe they like what they see so far, and they should, but hes got a lot of developing to do still. he needs to lose on some live snaps and learn that he cant just bullrush every snap

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