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We Are Virgins Fantasy League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by DeVito52, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Although it’s a bit late, Lost has decided to reactivate last years fantasy league. If anyone is interested in playing, speak now or forever hold your pee.
  2. I'll play again
  3. Alright need at least 5 more lmao
  4. There aren't that many virgins around
  5. Im down but ill have to sign up tomorrow. Bout to go to work
  6. Let’s go bitches

    Hopefully my draft doesn’t bug out and auto pick a player for me while I’m jamming a button and have that 2nd overall pick that I didn’t want sit out for a year.

    Where’s signup?
    #7 JoeyFlex5, Aug 31, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  7. i'm down
  8. I’ll opt back in as well
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  9. Nah sorry, taking a break from all fantasy this year except from our dynasty league.
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  10. I'm in less leagues this year as well.
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  11. I'm free all day tomorrow after 10 am.
  12. PlentyofLotion

    If i make the wrong pick its cause my hands were sticky
  13. @DeVito52 my younger brother has been getting notifications and he's in to do it. I'm interested in doing it as well since he's doing it. Sorry to be late to contact you; he'd been texting me about it and I just figured I'd get notifications and never did.
  14. wow, bird, we had to replace you in the dynasty league. Hadn't heard from you.

    Can you write articles for the news section of the Forum?
  15. I haven't checked on here really at all while I was waiting for the season to start, but yeah, I have gotten like zero email notifications of any kind. And to be honest, probably better that you replaced me in a dynasty league. I'd rather someone more committed to doing it every single year do it. I'm actually only even doing this one because my brother is.

    As for the news articles, yeah, I can. I'm assuming week one article needs to be done?

    Side note, my brother said he goofed and made two teams for the new league somehow...
  16. yes, First week article is needed and Lost is not longer on the board. He kind of band himself.

    We will see how long he can stay away.

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