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Week 1 Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. 1:00pm EST @ Hard Rock Stadium

    finally the regular season has arrived after an age of offseason ponderings - i cant wait - ive seen a taste of regular season football now with the packers and bears season opener and now i want my rooting interest back

    @allblackraven - for the first time this regular season over to you buddy
  2. It should be "Here Comes the Fall"
  3. Not where I am :p
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  4. you got me there!
  5. im literally getting jittery with anticipation now - it's almost 24 hours until kickoff
  6. yes the goose bumps will be coming soon if they haven't already.

    We need a poll of what team AB lands with. One of the options will be no team/retirement
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  8. We ready, we ready, we ready for y'all!!!
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  9. Go Ravens!!
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  10. omg less than 4 hours - how am i gonna fill that time
  11. 7 hours tell your 1-0.
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  12. I hope your doing well Rossi and your summer went great.
  13. anyone got any ideas on the inactives?

    my guesses would be:

    Jaylon Ferguson

    im assuming 1 wr but i dont know who
    and im assuming 1 db but again i dont know who
    and maybe daylon mack (albeit that would leave us with only 4 active DL)
  14. im good ice bowl - jealous of your 1-0 record though
  15. I think the inactive receiver will be Scott.
  16. Tailgate?!?!
  17. less than two hours now
  18. on my own in london lol

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