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2019: Week 2 Discussion Thread (Other Teams)

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by rossihunter2, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. @JO_75 sorry to cramp on your gig - just setting up the week 2 other teams gameday thread for discussion

    per @JO_75

    Week 2 Preview: Overreact Week!

    49ers @ Bengals: Weren't the Bengals supposed to be joining Miami in the Tank for Tua Sweepstakes? Every mock draft said they be drafting a new QB but we might just have to hold on to that thought. The Bengals defense stepped up in a major way to give headaches to Russell Wilson and company. Cincy got to Wilson 4 times including 2018 third round pick Sam Hubbard who shined with two sacks on the day. John Ross looked more like the first round pick we expected him to be in the absence of AJ Green and.... they aren't tanking for Tua anymore are they? Cincinnati returns home to face Jimmy G and the 49ers who came away with a road win in Tampa last week. 49ers last started 2-0, back in 2012. Last time they had a week layover in Ohio? 2012. Who won the Super Bowl in 2012? Ravens. Who did the Ravens play in said Super Bowl? 49ers. Just another reason to root for the 49ers.

    Chargers @ Lions: If there was a reward for over hyped team of the decade, the Chargers would win that award. We are still waiting for them to reach full potential and every time it seems that way, injuries destroy the team. Chargers may be without WR Mike Williams and have lost TE Hunter Henry once again to an injury, Derwin James is out, at what point does Philip Rivers' career reach Barry Sanders abrupt retirement phase? The Lions meanwhile looked good for 3 quarters before Kyler Murray did his best Tim Tebow impression and rallied the team in the 4th quarter to go to OT and eventually a... TIE. Can the Lions take advantage of a injury prone Chargers team and come away with the win or will the Chargers who are 5-0 without Melvin Gordon since 2018 eek out another win?

    Cowboys @ Redskins: The Eagles defense made Case Keenum feel he was back in Minnesota. A great game ruined by a defense that allowed a comeback after leading. Dallas looks to improve to 2-0 on the year after a win against the Giants.

    Vikings @ Packers: The Packers finally have a defense, the Packers finally have a defense. Think about how many Super Bowls Aaron Rodgers would have if he had a defense like the one that shut down the Bears offense last week. Vikings looked like the 2017 team that went to the NFC Championship Game after Gary Kubiak did his thing and made the offense look great. Packers & Vikings look to duke it out for NFC North supremacy as both look to keep their week one momentum.

    Colts @ Titans: The Titans shut Baker Mayfield up, for at least one week. The Colts with Jacoby Brisset didn't look like the 2017 Colts with Jacoby Brisset. Tennessee is in a very good position to take advantage of a weak division, and if they do what they did last week, they can secure the AFC South in 2019. Colts look to upset the Titans on the road and be competitive against the Titans as they were against the Chargers.

    Patriots @ Dolphins: Just remember one thing about this season. If the Patriots plays the Dolphins, the Pats are the greatest team with or without AB. If any other team beats up on the Dolphins, "It's just the Dolphins".

    Bills @ Giants: The Bills played in the Meadowlands last week, they now travel back to the Meadowlands for a face off with the Giants. Eli is still playing for the Giants for some odd reason, the Bills were able to score 17 straight points and come from behind after 4 turnovers to beat the Jets. That says a lot about the Jets offense more so about what it says about the Bills. Giants look to rebound after a loss to Dallas as the countdown is on until Daniel Jones takes over.

    Seahawks @ Steelers: A Super Bowl XL rematch takes place in Pittsburgh as Seattle's tour of the AFC North continues with the Steelers. Steelers are hoping for a much better offensive showing than they had last week in New England. Did the Steelers revolve around AB & Bell, both whom are gone? No matter what, Pittsburgh needs to show something offensively to get the home crowd into the game. Seattle looks to shake off the travel to the east coast and come away with a huge road win.

    Jaguars @ Texans: The Texans are going to be battling the Titans for the AFC South, just a little hiccup in New Orleans called Drew Brees. The Jaguars meanwhile had hoped for a little magic out of St. Nick until Chris Jones squashed that hope. Now Foles is expected to be out until week 11 and the Texans can take advantage of Ben Stiller, I mean Gardner Minshew who is a 6th round draft pick making his first career start.

    Chiefs @ Raiders: We know what Patrick Mahomes can do, and Derek Carr looked much better in Jon Gruden's offense last week against Denver. The Raiders thought they needed AB but found success with Tyrell Williams and the Raiders faithful let AB know it. A shame they lost rookie Jonathan Abram for the season as Mike Mayock's first round picks were successful in the win, including Josh Jacobs scoring twice. The Chiefs defense still has holes as Minshew came off the bench and completed his first 13 passes, a NFL record and a NFL high 88.0 completion percentage, highest among any QB in first career game. Can Carr lead the way and get the Raiders off to a 2-0 start?

    Bears @ Broncos: Chuck Pagano made sure the Bears defense didn't lose a step but the Broncos have a lot of questions after week one. Their defense was beaten up by the Raiders and Joe Flacco still has his deer in the headlights look after all these years. Will the Bears offense rebound against the Broncos after only putting up 3 last week against Green Bay?

    Saints @ Rams: The Saints almost were screwed over by the officials once again last week when they took time away from the Saints at the end of the first half. Now the Saints revenge tour travels to Hollywood to face the Rams as they look for redemption from the NFC Championship Game. Drew Brees led a 4th quarter comeback against Houston at home and hope for a much better outcome than the last time they played the Rams.

    Eagles @ Falcons: Sunday Night Football lands in Atlanta in the battle of the birds as the Falcons host the Eagles. 2 of the last three NFC Champions square off as Atlanta looks look to rebound offensively after their terrible effort in Minnesota. Carson Wentz became best friends with Desean Jackson as he led the way in a comeback against the Redskins. Eagles do have defensive concerns and Matt Ryan could take advantage of the Eagles secondary that Case Keenum had success against. Which team will fly higher as the Falcons look to avoid starting 0-2 for the first time since 2007.

    Browns @ Jets: Baker Mayfield vs Sam Darnold is now Baker Mayfield vs Trever Siemen, the former Broncos QB. Darnold is out with mono for a while so their season is now derailed. Cleveland was supposed to be the hot trendy pick of 2019, they were Super Bowl Champions. Then we played the games, Odell was more concerned about wearing a watch and Cleveland wasn't ready to play games. Browns should get back on track with an easy win over the Jets who should drop to 0-2 and worse in the coming weeks.
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  2. I'm interested in the Christian Mccaffrey, Devin White matchup.
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  3. That's cool. Anyone can start it, I'll just post the previews later.
  4. Obviously, we are all pulling for McCaffrey
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  5. wow. do to the weather at the thursday night game they are only working with two cameras for safety reasons.
  6. Going to be hard to watch this way
  7. This cable cam non stop is giving me motion sickness lol
  8. Rain came in out of nowhere, it was hot all day here in Charlotte and the rain was unexpected. I guess Mother Nature wanted to make the Bucs feel like they were home?
  9. perriman dropped a pass. what's new
  10. Muffed Punt, sets up Tampa greatly. Hey stop stealing our ideas Bruce!
  11. It’s hot and rainy almost all the time here. They wanted to make everyone feel at home.
  12. I’m confused. The cameramen are in danger but the players and fans in the stands aren’t?
  13. 3 cameras now?
  14. Yep... great logic isn't it?
  15. Devin White being checked for injury. Hope he's ok, think he's going to be a great ilb
  16. They are definitely overworking McCaffrey.
  17. Carolina just got cheated on a spot on 4th down.
  18. play has been suspended
  19. Don't you just hate weather delays?
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  20. What’s standard wait time from last lightning strike?

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