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Week 3 Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. 1pm EST @Arrowhead

    huge game, it's amazing it's a 1pm game and not a national game but that doesn't lessen it's importance

    if we win it's a major statement to the league, if the chiefs win they're well on their way to a likely battle with new england for the 1 seed already

    @allblackraven over to you (i think)
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  2. No, someone else's turn to start a new tradition
  3. As expected, it's raining pretty heavy in KC. We will have to run the ball to be able to win this game.

  5. @TCS37

    FINALLY parked. Took me just over an hour to go 18 miles. Will say one thing: rain or more rain...expect a sell out. This place is PACKED two hours til kickoff! Also, rain has slowed down significantly. Still raining steadily but barely more than a sprinkle right now. GO RAVENS!
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  6. Adam Schefter


    Ravens’ TE Mark Andrews, whom Baltimore wanted to see in pregame warmups today before deciding whether he could play against the Chiefs due to a foot injury, is active, per source.
  7. Jaylen Ferguson ACTIVE

    QB Trace McSorley, WR Jaleel Scott, OL Ben Powers, ILB Otaro Alaka, DT Daylon Mack, CB Jimmy Smith (knee), S Brynden Trawick (elbow)
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  8. coaches must have been reading PF
  9. Im seeing 2 sacks.
  10. Rain has subsided
  11. And I was wondering if I was the only guy here who "follows" his tweets.
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  12. How many times did we fumble against the Chiefs last season? Was it two? I think one was a bad exchange between Lamar and Gus and the other was the strip-sack which led to the (would-be) GW FG.
  13. Greg Senat is inactive, what a surprise
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  14. Gamesmanship?


    Jamison Hensley
    In pre-game warmups, Ravens TE Mark Andrews is not running routes at full speed. It's obvious that he is being limited by his foot injury. Andrews leads all NFL tight ends with 223 yards receiving.
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  15. if he's that hobbled there's no way we wouldnt have activated another TE off the practice squad before 4pm yesterday - also if he cant run, there's no way he'd be active...
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  16. that's what I'm thinking as well
  17. If not for Sunday ticket, I'd be stuck watching Jets Pats or Cowboys Fins. YUUCCCK!!

    Also, Pats lookings a lot more beatable with AB gone and Jimmy most likely back by then.

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