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Ravens Trade News: Marcus Peters, etc...

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by GG.exe, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Here's my question for this board in general to play along if you like in this thread:

    Gambling markets now give the Ravens a chance between 4 and 5% to win the Super Bowl based on the best available prices on Oddschecker.com with vig factored out. That's a number that will change up or down based on the KC game.

    Please post how much the Ravens chance to win the Super Bowl will go up in such markets assuming a win vs KC.

    Then I'd like a 2nd number...Assuming the Ravens acquire Jalen Ramsey, how much will gambling markets adjust up their chance to win the Lombardi in percentage points.
  2. 5% to 7% if beat chiefs (would now be top 2 team in a 16 team conference = roughly 12%)

    thats 12 percent chance to make super bowl tho. So probably divide by 2 if factoring purely winning it (as theres 16 other teams in another conference)

    would hold steady at 7-10% if acquired Ramsey.

    yes? no?
  3. I’m not sure if things improve if we trade for Ramsey. After reflecting on the game and other games, I don’t think we are good at running zone coverage. If I recall a lot of our big completions and busted coverage yesterday was while we ran zone. When we did man and used Humphrey to shadow a guy like Watkins we were very effective at stopping them. Knowing this and that’s Ramsey wants out because of zone coverage I question if we will improve by bringing him [Ramsey] here.
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  4. it's definitely a risky move. Do i think we improve, yes. Is it significant enough improvement to warrant the draft capital we would have to give up and a previous 1st round pick. Not imo
  5. Lets say Ramsey is too cost prohibitive. Is there another player we could trade for (that is available) that could get us over that hump? Doesnt have to be CB.
  6. If it's too prohibitive I say you make do with what you have and hopefully Jimmy is good when he comes back or we solve that problem in the offseason and cover our flaws as best we can unti lthen,
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  7. yeah, i do hate throwing multiple 1sts away. Also the huge salary when a drafted rookie CB would be a rookie contract for several years.
  8. This defense would be very different with Jimmy & Young. Losing those two was devastating as it could get...almost. I’m hoping we get Jimmy sooner than later to compensate because we would’ve done much better with him. Humphrey could’ve covered their #2 or vice versa. No need to reflect on what ifs because they will have Hill as well so that would’ve been interesting. Our run defense was not good though and that’s a concern with what I saw. I think Wink just got outcoached plain and simple yet we almost won it if a few things went our way.
  9. last year we played well defensively when Jimmy was on his suspension. I don't think it's as much Jimmy as it is the combination of losing them both and having to move Carr inside. I think we could survive if we hadn't lost Young.
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  10. My thoughts exactly. I only brought up Jimmy specifically because we already lost Young
  11. I don’t understand why we have Carr at nickel and averett outside. Each are clearly more suited to the opposite position.
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  12. Carr’s been good in the nickel and averett has not shown an ability to play well in the slot
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  13. Every time I see Averett's name on the screen so far it has not been good
  14. I think it’s due to their skill set. I slightly disagree on your premise here because Carr is better and while older and experienced he is also slower. Usually your slower and shiftiest route runners are in the slot than your speedsters who are boundary players. I trust Averett more outside than inside where his lack of experience and poor technique could be worse for us.
    Agreed. I don’t think Averett is anywhere close to playing in the slot. He’d cause us real issues if he was there, I dare say more than he currently has
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  15. Well, they lost so........

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I think the chances go up much more if they could somehow bolster the offensive line with an all pro. For me that would provide much more of a lift than would Ramsey. That’s assuming that Thomas gets his stuff together and gels with the secondary. Seems we are in much worse shape on the O line than CBs.
  16. Really good list sans Waynes. I’d trade for King in a heartbeat. Love that dude’s size. Chris Harris would be a second option. Fit in perfectly here in the slot. Harris is more realistic though since Denver sucks and he’d be an amazing addition and relatively cheap to trade for.
  17. I just looked at the list. My issue with King is I don't know why the Packers would trade King when their defense is looking legit. That would seem to make no sense for them because they look like they could contend and Rodgers seems like he likes the idea of being a "game manager". I could maybe see it if he was in the last year of his deal, but he's not so it makes even less sense since they control him for a bit longer. Chris Harris Jr makes some sense, actually, since they are struggling a lot and they look bad so I could see that deal go through. He's also in the final year of his deal so they could look to move him if they don't think they can or will re-sign him. I could get behind this move more than Ramsey & the others because Harris Jr could play the slot, forcing Averett to the bench to cover #4 WRs where he would do much better & then put Carr on the outside more likely than not where he won't be fast but he should be able to at least press some or drop in zone.
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