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Week 5 Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. that’s why I’d preferred he stay clear of the acrobatics
  2. Tj watt got posterized
  3. Steelers shooting themselves in the dick
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  4. Lamar had all day there.
  5. Come on get this in the end zone!
  6. I am kind of shocked that a drive from the 15 is taking so much time off the clock.
  7. That’s okay. Give him one more chance on the right side. Where most his runs have come
  9. That was beautiful lol
  10. Yes baby. But it looks so much tougher trying to run on left side.
  11. Thank you squealers. lol
  12. Actually Stanley led Ingram on TD
  13. I said Skura was trash, not Stanley lol
  14. Lets goooooo... Ravens 1st quarter was +125..
  15. It does not matter if the defense decides to be a Ravens defense today. Rudolph isnt beating that.
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  16. Come on John, why this sissy move? Go for 2pt conversion.
  17. Dominating the ball very well
  18. Either way, we got the TD so I'll forgive Skura for his dumb penalty
  19. Oh good lord that stiff arm on Watt better be everywhere

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