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2019: Week 6 Discussion (Other Teams)

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by JO_75, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Giants @ Patriots: The Patriots return home to face their Super Bowl kryptonite, the New York Giants. Daniel Jones now gets his first look at this intense rivalry except his weapons have been disabled leaving him to go in blind folded as Sterling Shepard, Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram will miss Thursday's game. The Patriots meanwhile are healthy and once again get an easy schedule following another Lombardi Trophy.

    Panthers @ Buccaneers: Fans in Tampa and the Carolinas are going to have to wake up early for this one as the Panthers and Buccaneers take their division rivalry to London. Cam Newton once again is out this week as Kyle Allen will once again start for the Panthers. Christian McCaffery put the team on his back against the Jags by tying his career high 237 yards from scrimmage with three TDs. Bucs look to rebound after losing to the Saints and the Panthers want to Keep Pounding their opponents to the ground with their fourth straight win.

    Seahawks @ Browns: Oh Cleveland, no matter what you do it seems you can't stop being the same old Browns. Baker Mayfield had so much promise, OBJ was going to make the offense unstoppable at least against the Ravens and Jets. After losing to the 49ers, Browns return home to welcome the Seattle Seahawks look to be back in Super Bowl form. If Seattle wins here, questions will be asked and the Browns will have to answer them after so much hype coming into the season.

    Redskins @ Dolphins: TANK BOWL! The Redskins have fired Jay Gruden being the first team to spin the Coaching Carousel in 2019. The Dolphins meanwhile continue tanking for Tua but have some company in the form of the Redskins, and Bengals. Redskins are hoping for a change once again but as long as Snyder owns the team, nothing will change. Who wants Tua or Justin Herbert more?

    Texans @ Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady prove the AFC will have the best QBs for years to come. If anyone is going to beat the Chiefs, follow the Colts blueprint and RUN, RUN, RUN. Texans ran Carlos Hyde 21 times against Atlanta and should focus the gameplan around him in order to keep Mahomes off the field as much as possible. Stopping the run may be a problem without defensive stall worth Chris Jones on that defensive line. With AFC seeding on the line, can the Chiefs rebound against Houston?

    Eagles @ Vikings: Remember January 2018 when these teams met in the NFC Championship Game? Vikings thought they were one QB away and signed Kirk Cousins to a deal that is looking like a major bust by the day. Carson Wentz looks to be back to form and ready to lead the Eagles back to the playoffs.

    Saints @ Jaguars: The Saints sit 4-1 atop the NFC South without Drew Brees, and will be aiming for the NFC top seed when Drew Brees returns. Gardner Minshew seems to be getting better by the week but at 2-3, their season may be gone if they drop to 2-4. Teddy Bridgewater looks to lead the Saints to another win on the road and keep the Saints marching toward the number one seed.

    49ers @ Rams: A win against the NFC Champions on the road would solidify the 49ers as serious contenders. The Rams seem to be suffering from a Super Bowl hangover and randomly Todd Gurley did not practice earlier in the week. If the 49ers win here, the games between the 49ers & Seahawks will decide the NFC West.

    Falcons @ Cardinals:

    Titans @ Broncos:

    Cowboys @ Jets: Dallas was welcomed back to reality last week when the Packers destroyed them on their own turf. Now Dallas can get back to their fantasy world where they can feel better about themselves by beating on lesser teams. Sam Darnold returns for the Jets, and you have to wonder if Le'Veon Bell is ready to try some AB tactics to get out of his contract and regretting signing with the Jets.

    Steelers @ Chargers: Now I understand beginning of the season, Big Ben vs Philip Rivers, Steelers vs Chargers. Weeks later and a nice flex would have worked to put another game in this spot. Chargers continue to be terribly inconsistent, the Steelers are now down to Devlin Hodges at QB and this game now doesn't mean as much but at least the Dolphins can be happy with a Chargers win keeping the Steelers first round pick inside the top ten.

    Lions @ Packers:
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  2. We've gotta try to score quickly on the Pats when we play them. Seem they play it tight early but let loose and score all their points later.
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  3. I know pats have been playing the worst offenses in nfl but their secondary is legit got dam
  4. Brady has passed Peyton Manning for number two on the career passing yards record list. Brady's first pass in the game went 19 yards giving him 71,942 career passing yards passing Manning who retired with 71,940 passing yards.
  5. They just gave up their first touchdown all season... 64 yards Daniel Jones to Golden Tate! Pats lead is now 14-7.
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  6. Giants force a fumble, Markus Golden scoops it and takes it back to the house! Hame is tied at 14!

    The Giants do know they are supposed to lose right?
  7. Pats miss a Field Goal with a DOINK.
  8. Brady is destined to have his first loss in Baltimore in a couple of weeks. Write it down.
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  9. That would be cool
  10. yes, one of the best they have had since BB got there and that is because BB has his hands in this defense.
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  11. the problem is that replay is taken out of the hands of the refs - it means that not only are the refs getting it wrong on field, it means that the heads of nfl officiating in new york are backing them up on these patently ridiculous calls

    so it means that all the checks and balances are clearly not working/actively are making a statement about reviews

    it should not be that hard to get the calls right - id understand something marginal but we're seeing a consistent basis calls that are clear and obvious not be made and not changed on replay

    the level of officiating in the league is declining (somehow) and the replay checks that are supposed to mitigate errors etc. are somehow also getting worse
  12. It pisses me off so much.
  13. Replay officials should start being fined and graded. When you start going into the pocketbook and giving them bad marks/reputation it could provide a reality check. A mans arm being pinned to his body is a no brainer.
  14. Rest, injury free and possibly a trade to improve our team

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  15. It is pretty telling to me when I see Coaches not challenging OBVIOUS non-/PI calls.
    But that's not the only thing. Many teams get away with illegal pick plays and others don't.
    And in general there are just too many flags.
  16. apparently during the offseason etc. offensive holding was made a point of emphasis hence the higher number of holding penalties...

    but that's wrong - that's slowing the game down even more than it already was

    there's a real disconnect between the competition committee, the coaches, the players, the nfl, the nfl officiating and the refs on the field

    that's 6 groups all who want different things and rather than coming to a compromise it seems nfl officiating are moving in the opposite direction to the competition committee and the coaches and the nfl league office etc.

    it breeds dysfunction
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  17. The fate of Tua or Justin Herbert to be decided tomorrow.... loser gets first choice.
  18. Panthers lead Bucs 17-7 in London.

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