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Week 9 New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Sunday Night 8:20 EST (I think)

    Blackout @ M&T Bank - can we push the patriots like no team this year has done so far? Can we be the first team to knock them over?

    Over to you @allblackraven
  2. Appropriate.
  3. Insert SNF theme
  4. So happy to see us play in the all blacks at night again. It makes my skin have chills
  6. I know too many pats fans... this might hurt
  7. Please, God. Show the world that we are a dangerous team tonight. GO RAVENS!!!!!!
  8. My puppies first Ravens game tonight since we got him! #rufus 20191103_134423.jpg
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  9. I will be wearing my black ed reed jersey from the couch to support tonight.
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  10. same
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  11. Ravens inactives: QB Trace McSorley, WR Jaleel Scott, OL Ben Powers, DE Ufomba Kamalu, DL Daylon Mack, DL Zach Sieler, CB Maurice Canady.

    Hollywood, jimmy and peanut all active as expected
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  12. I'm not a fan of the late games. I have to wait all day to watch football that I care about, and I have to get up early in the morning. If the Ravens win, then I'm amped up all night and can't sleep. If the Ravens lose, I can't sleep because I'm pissed.
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  13. On the lightrail now to the stadium.... let's get the W!
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  14. So much for the blackout... Ravens wearing black jerseys with white pants.
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  15. This may just be me, but I wish that our guys (Boyle/Stanley) would STOP saying that the Patriots haven't seen an offense like the Ravens! See, to me, that type of talk will set them up for failure and have them going out there and laying an egg on PRIMETIME! Shhhh!

    As Lamar always says; "JUST PLAY BALL!"

  16. I do too!

    The Ravens better not embarrass us and go out there and put it all together and have their VERY BEST game as they get the "W" over the Pats and give them their 1st loss of the season.

    Ravens advance to 6-2

    Patriots fall to 8-1

    GO RAVENS!!!!!
  17. I saw Marlon post on IG earlier and didn't wanna believe it...Do we ever go all-black anymore? So dumb

    I love how he corrected that report when that cat said; "At one point this was Ray Lewis' team, and then it was your team and now it's Lamar Jacksons team".

    Reed said; "First of all! This WILL ALWAYS BE Ray Lewis' team! It was never my team! So, let's get that straight first of all! I just played alongside a great player but Ray Lewis laid the foundation for this organization; he and J.O."


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  19. Man I can't believe this :poop:

    I was expecting us to be wearing ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!!!!

    :brickwall: :mad::brickwall: :mad: :brickwall: :mad::brickwall: :mad:

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