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Week 9 New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. I'm getting so drunk and happy tonight. Monday classes canceled. lets goooo
  2. Looking ahead at NEs schedule. Would be a shame if they didn't have home field...
  3. Kelce will destroy them and it will be so great.
  4. This Ravens team will be players this year. They've beaten some good teams, and have a few more to go. They should win Division, and If they can beat Houston could get a bye. KC also has brutal schedule, so I think it's likely to be between Ravens and Texans for 2nd bye.

    It just comes down to can Ravens win in NE in playoffs? The game plan will have to be completely different. Belichek will full scale sell out to stop the run. Theyll start game with no huddle and try to get more possessions into the game. Can Lamar beat them surgically? I think he can, honestly.
  5. Who's next on the schedule?
  6. my alarm literally goes off in 3 hours for me to get up and go to work lol - no way i can get to sleep right now though
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  7. Ravens one game behind New England for HFA.
  8. Yeah 14-2 seems a given. Nobody in AFC is going to catch them. Schedule is just too light.
  9. Damn, that's so lucky. I've got lab tomorrow and can't skip.
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  10. Maybe I looked at the schedule wrong, but theres some they could lose. Texans, Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs and Bills could give them trouble. Don't forget the Bengals either...
  11. That
    that was a thought I had too...

    Lamar’s cried over a teammate before
  12. btw, does anyone know why Jimmy missed the last 8 snaps of the game?
  13. He was on the count all game.
  14. he was spelled on some drives by averett all game - nothing to worry about
  15. good to know
  16. jayon ferguson is currently ranked 111 out of 111 in edge rushers on PFF

    that's sensational

  17. ooft - he had an awful time on those no huddle drives especially against the run - he's getting occasional pressures but not sacks and almost no disruption against the run

    bowser's been better pass rushing the last few weeks but we're not seeing a huge uptick in snaps - he had 28 (about 40% of the snaps)
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  18. So are they not going to replay the game on NFLN? The world would rather see the Steelers win bc of a missed field goal? Can’t handle the Pats getting handed their ass? Wtf.
  19. if anyone knows when it will be posted, please post.
  20. i think someone (maybe @Tank ) said it was going to be on at 8pm
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