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Week 10 Discussion (Other Teams)

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by JO_75, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Chargers @ Raiders: The Raiders are fighting for a wild card spot while the Chargers are still trying to find fans in the Los Angeles area. Relocating to London may not help but winning the way they did against Green Bay may bring the fans in. The Raiders continue to give the city of Oakland something to cheer about in their farewell season before striking it rich in Sin City in 2020.

    Lions @ Bears: A weekly reminder that the Chicago Bears passed on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes for Mitchell Trubisky. Also a reminder that Matthew Stafford may join Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson with solid careers that the Lions wasted away. Another reminder that the Bears are wasting a good defense and that Khalil Mack trade on Mitchell Trubisky. Stafford and company head to Chicago where the Bears are limping losing the last four games. Can Detroit get back in the playoff hunt after losing to the Raiders last week?

    Bills @ Browns: Josh Allen said he wanted to be the guy who turned the Cleveland Browns around, but instead he's turning the Buffalo Bills around. Baker has a hit sophomore slump harder than a brick wall. Part of that is the terrible offensive line, part of it is the coaching and the rest is Mayfield acting like a child. The Bills sit 6-2 in firm control of the AFC 5th seed heading into week ten, where I'm sure most people expected the Browns to be but much like the Bears, the Browns passed on the better QBs in their respective drafts.

    Chiefs @ Titans: Matt Moore has continued the success of backup quarterbacks this season as he has played well while Patrick Mahomes continues to heal up. Moore is 1-1 as a starter and has a good match up this week against the Tennessee Titans defense who just put Ryan Logan on IR. KC is still setting themselves up nicely to still compete for a BYE in the AFC once Mahomes is fully healthy.

    Falcons @ Saints: The Saints start a three week divisional stretch where they will face their NFC South rivals beginning on Sunday with the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots took the heart and will of the Falcons in the Super Bowl comeback and the Falcons haven't been the same since. At 1-7, they are now contending for a top pick in 2020 and a fresh start once Arthur Blank fires Dan Quinn.

    Giants @ Jets: I guess the coin toss will determine who the true home team is before the game? Two teams, one massive stadium full of misery and a Cat who spent more time in the end zone on Monday than these two offenses have all year. Pat Shurmur says it's time for Giants players to step up or get out, well I think it's time for both Shurmur and Adam Gase to step up before they both get fired after this season.

    Cardinals @ Buccaneers: The Bruce Arians Bowl. Bruce Arians welcomes his former team to Tampa this week as the Arizona Cardinals head east to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bucs look to be improved from a coaching stand point but are being held back by Jameis Winston. Kyler Murray on the other hand is starting to come around and looks to be the future in Arizona.

    Dolphins @ Colts: Father time can be a funny thing sometimes. One week Adam Vinatieri kicks a 51 yard game winner against the Broncos, the next he looks washed up and done. The Dolphins finally got a win last week against the Jets, the 2008 Lions & 2017 Browns can finally celebrate. Brian Hoyer gets the nod against the Dolphins which will either ruin the Tank season or help it.

    Panthers @ Packers: The weather outside is frightful and the Packers are delightful, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Our first snow game of the season is here, the Packers will feel at home against a team who is not used to playing in the snow. Kyle Allen firmly takes control over the Panthers as Cam Newton goes on IR, can the Packers defense(and snow fall) slow down Run CMC or will the Panthers surprise with an upset win over the Packers?

    Rams @ Steelers: The Steelers are winning games and keeping things tight enough that we can't clinch the AFC North yet. After a win over Indy, the Rams come to town where Aaron Donald & Company look to give Mason Rudolph a hard time. Rams will be without Brandin Cooks which should help the Steelers defense, and a win here over the defending NFC Champs will keep the Steelers in the playoff hunt.

    Vikings @ Cowboys: How many more primetime games do we have to suffer watching the Cowboys? NBC heads to Dallas where they await the Minnesota Vikings who look to rebound after losing to the Chiefs last week. Can Kirk Cousins lead the way in Big D or will Dak Prescott keep the Cowboys ahead in the NFC East battle?

    Seahawks @ 49ers: It's the Wild Wild NFC West on Monday Night Football from Santa Clara, CA. Only one undefeated team remains, and it's the San Francisco 49ers. Seattle looks to dish out the first loss of the season to a red hot 49ers team with a defense ready to give Russell Wilson and company a fit. Can Jimmy G limit his mistakes which to this point has been covered up by the play of his defense to keep the 49ers undefeated another week? Or will the Seahawks be ready to strike and take the NFC West away when the 49ers least expect it?
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    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  2. What kind of throw was that from Rivers?
  3. I know I'm repeating myself but Rivers is shit.
  4. Rivers sucks
  5. Lol Rivers
  6. The Packers lost to this team
  7. Dang I remember wanting Maxx Crosby in this draft class. Went 4th round..
  8. Carr sucks, too but we all know that
  9. Go Raiders! Rivers is in decline after all these years. Think we can add the Chargers to the list of teams needing to draft a QB next year.
  10. @Ice Bowl now has his Packers equal to us losing to the Browns. "How did the Packers lose to the Chargers?"
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  11. Moron Ferrell
    Pick #4
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  12. I cant believe that wasn't picked
  13. That's a backbreaker.
  14. Aikman, that's a maul, not scrum.
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  15. For the amount of tiptoeing in the pocket he does, Rivers could pick up couple first downs if he wasn't a sissy.
  16. Jacobs better than even I though he'd be in his first year.
  17. For all the criticism Gruden & Mayock got, things certainly seem to be coming together quite nicely.
  18. Seeing RIvers upset makes me happy.

    Also notice he didn't handle that DOG penalty nearly as well as Lamar did
  19. Aaaaaaand the Chargers take the lead. Neither team would be above .500 with a Chargers win so that's the ideal situation.

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