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Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. I can't believe we don't have a hollywood brown thread yet but we have a miles boykin one (thanks @JoeyFlex5) lol.

    This was prompted by looking up some of his stats so far among rookies through week 10:

    - 6th in receptions
    - 3rd in total yards
    - 1st in yards/game

    Nice start to his career despite the injuries - would be nice to get him involved in the deep passing game even when the defences arent trash though
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  2. his week 10 grade (92.1) was second to only Amari Cooper and he had his second elite grade of the year. He is coming along, injuries and all. When he gets up to full speed he is going to be tough to stop. Last week he had 48 yards on 3 catches when he was covered by Stephon Gilmore, one of if not the best man cover CB in the league and he went up to him after the game to acknowledge him. That says a lot.
  3. i really liked how he played in this bengals game also - and if he doesnt trip on the first play of the game you can add another 30 yards and another td to his day and season total
  4. yep, not sure what tripped him up. He needs to tie his shoelace better.
  5. I think we just play more conservative against better teams. I've seen some of the all 22 that Edgar puts up and there are cases where Lamar has a guy open downfield but he chooses to take the easy first down play. It'll just come with time and increases in comfort for the whole team.
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  6. I think he clipped his other ankle.
  7. Remember how Antonio Brown first started with the Steelers? He seemed to be the guy Ben found every time he scrambled out of the pocket.

    Hollywood has made some BIG plays when Lamar has needed him and to me he is the difference between Lamar having 240 in the air to having closer to 290-310 in the air. Hollywood is SERIOUS in my opinion.
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  8. Please let this man stay healthy. PLEASE. He's soooo good. He plays the game like a veteran. I've never seen a young man step in like this with ease and just be such a game changer.
  9. Yeah I just hope injuries don’t become a big issue with him. He’s listed at 5’0”, 170 lbs. Prolly should call him skeeter. Lol
  10. The craziest thing about Hollywood is how well he’s caught the ball in tight spaces, the game sealer vs AZ, the TDs vs Pit and Cin, he’s been catching difficult ones in general as well like the diving catch vs NE.

    For a undersized speedster he’s been ridiculous at just coming down with the ball. At 170lbs he’s doing things you really didn’t expect.
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  11. Found clips of each catch. The Steelers one makes me cringe every time I see him land.

  12. 5'0 . lol
  13. No reason to force while he's not 100%. There will be more important games to unleash everything we've got.
  14. Fat finger. Lol. 5’9”
  15. taking into account he hasnt been 100% all season and more like 50%

    it's obvious we have a top 15 WR in the game. I don't think he'll ever be a top 5 because of size limitations and he isn't built like a truck like steve smith but he's def going to be between 5-15 for the next 6-7 years health permitting and easily the best WR we've drafted.
  16. yeah its kind of an indictment of our drafting history at wr (or limited attempts at drafting wrs) that he's already the best wr we've ever drafted - statistically torrey might outperform his rookie year (we'll see) in terms of pure yards but the way hollywood draws double teams and safety help and makes such an impact with far fewer dropbacks per game is telling
  17. Would love to see him add some muscle mass during the next off season.
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