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Week 13 San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. That was one hell of a game. I tip my cap to the 49ers, they played well today.
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  2. I almost had a heart attack though....lol
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  3. fuck that was a nailbiter

    we made is closer than we should have..not being arrogant here but we could have put them away earlier.
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  4. is it his opera or something else?!
  5. Tip my cap to the 49ers. Hell of a team. They got guts
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  6. The strip tackle on Lamar really flipped the momentum
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  7. I am so happy
  8. Nice win!
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  9. Looks like Cincy will get their first.
  10. You guys helped us out too! I don't think we're good enough. Looked like a hard fought battle with SF. Was there lots of turnovers?
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  11. Tucker in these poor conditions with long 49 yards..........$$$$$$
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  12. Cindy congrats on another W!!
  13. Every time I posted my good luck wishes to the Packers on a Thursday you won but every time I did it on a different day you have lost. Will try to not screw up things for you the rest of the season. Glad you had a good game with the snow today.
  14. Two "traditional" turnovers, if you will, but also multiple turnovers on down.
  15. Feel fortunate to win that game. 49ers were clearly tired of hearing about us. Nevertheless, I'm glad we won this way instead of blowing them out. Some much needed adversity and tribulation to keep us humble. That could have just as easily had us at 8-3
  16. I like us against them in decent weather any day
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  17. Yep, they probably have no chance vs Lamar in dry weather, like the rest of the league.
  18. Totally agree. The rain and sloppy field made it closer than it probably would have been otherwise, especially in the run defense.
  19. you mean 9-3
  20. He's far from horrible this game, but compared to his previous few games it wasn't as Jordanesqe. But it was LeBronesque for sure.

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